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5 Simple Marketing Secrets You Can Use Now to Grow Your Business!

Today, we do nearly everything online and when we want to learn about something, we “Google” it.  When we need directions, we map it on our GPS service.  When we need to make a purchase, more and more of us do our shopping online. Gone are the days of scouring the yellow pages, paper catalogs and newspapers to find the answers, products, and services we need. To attract new customers and drive business we now have to… READ MORE



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How To Successfully Promote Your Business

Whether you are promoting a product or service the principles for successful marketing are the same and if you apply them effectively and consistently the results can be significant.

How To Market Your Brick & Mortar Business to Online Customers

I would like to offer a couple of simple steps that could change your entire financial picture and generate years of success. First, keep your focus on serving your customers and creating new ways to bring more value to them and their experience with you.

How To Identify Your Target Market!

The first step in creating a marketing message is to identify who your target or niche market is.  Identifying a potentially successful market niche begins with determining the emotional motivation of your customers or clients.

How To Get Your Business Noticed!

Finding a way to set your business and yourself apart from others in your industry can be challenging to say the least. Your business is up and running, but you are not generating the revenue you would like or growing your customer base.

How To Effectively Market Your New Business!

Your strategy is an ever-evolving mix of tactics and channels. The marketing tactics you choose will determine how effectively your business finds and wins new customers—and how much time and money you’ll spend to achieve it.

How To Create Your Marketing Message and Generate More Sales

 Your target market in not where you sell your products and services, but rather WHO most urgently needs your products and services. It’s critical that you identify this information for the success of your business as quickly as possible. 

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How To Create Landing Pages That Convert!

Your landing page is an opportunity — to turn followers into subscribers, to provide incredible value to your prospects, and to engage with them on a deeper level.

How To Attract Your Ideal Customer and Increase Sales!

One of the greatest tools of growing your small business into a raging success is something called “The Cool Factor”. Apple had it. Facebook has it. So did Nike and a very long list of other uber successful companies that all started just where you are now.

How To Build Your Own Iconic Brand Without A Big Brand Budget!

Whatever your motivation that impelled you to start your own business, the desired result is the same for all of us.  Success!  The question remains, how do you do that?  How do you get your business, your products and services noticed?  How do you build an instantly recognizable brand?

Are You Ready To Launch?

 Regardless if your business is well established or you are just starting out, if you are a traditional brick and mortar, strictly online, or like most businesses these day, any combination of the above, these product launch tips are essential tools for your business’s success. 

7 Easy Steps To Creating A Great Offer!

You have been working like crazy to build your business, doing all the right things, but you are still not generating the sales you need to make a comfortable living.  The reason may be that you haven’t yet perfected the art of a truly great offer.

3 Easy Steps To Understand What Your Customer's Want!

You may have been told that as a business owner your most valuable business asset is your customer list or subscriber list if you do business online.  The money is not in your list.  Rather, is in your relationship with your list.  That relationship is created by consistently offering value to those on your list.

How To Make Your Online Business Faster and Easier!

Are you looking for a faster way to sell products online and launch an email marketing strategy that’s customized to your ecommerce business? An effective landing page eliminates anything that could be distracting — like navigation menus and other unrelated or distracting content.