Alexzandra de la Iglesia CEO

Spectrum Consulting

Alexzandra de la Iglesia is one of today’s leading economic and business development strategist.  Recognizing the need for personalized solutions on behalf of municipalities, business owners, and school districts, Alexzandra is the innovative force, founder, and the CEO of The Spectrum Consulting whose primary focus is to offer real solutions that are unique and specific to our clients and their current business challenges.

Alexzandra began her architectural and  interior design business in 1980 and has since become one of The Greater Seattle Metro Area most celebrated architectural and interior designers, and business owners.  In 2002 Alexzandra was named Co-Chair of the Small Business Development and Leadership Council for the State of Washington. Known for her business acumen, she was requested as an economic consultant in the development plan of a municipality as well as creating a funding and building program for a k-12 school district.

Alexzandra has long been known for her standards of quality and personalized solutions that are unique to clients current challenges. Her solutions are imbued with innovative technological capabilities dressed in personalized style to meet today’s business an economic challenges. She has served a wide variety of entrepreneurial, commercial, and municipal clients over her 33-year career. Alexzandra creates revenue growth, branding, client retention strategies that directly reflect the diverse personal needs of her readers and their businesses. With over thirty-three years of successful business experience, Alexzandra’s  expertise comes from an extensive and diverse business background.