Iconic Logos

How To Create Your Own Iconic Logo!

With all the new business owners entering the market we have been getting a lot of questions on how to create a iconic logo. So this week we have compiled a list of six characteristics that distinguish instantly recognizable logos from the more forgettable.

Make Your Logo Simple

The success of a great logo is in the simplicity. Milton Glaser, the legendary graphic designer best known for the “I Love New York” logo, says “You want to move the viewer in a perception so that when they first look at [the logo]…they get the idea, because that act between seeing and understanding is critical”.

Make Your Logo Unique

Your logo should stand out and be recognized among the slew of others in your same market space. Keep in mind that a logo does not need to say what your company does. The Mercedes logo is not a car. The Virgin Atlantic logo is not an airplane. The Apple logo is not a computer. So do not feel like your coffee shop’s logo needs to show coffee beans. If you can convey an emotion with your logo that your customer will experience after using your products or services you should have a home run.

Make Your Logo Adaptable

Strong logos translate well across different mediums. Will your logo evoke the same meaning on a business card, as it will on a billboard? “Keeping the design simple allows for flexibility in size. Ideally, your design should work at a minimum of around one inch of visual field without loss of detail. That is why keeping it simple works best. When your logo does not reproduce well on a small scale, it can cause problems for your brand’s clarity and value.

Make Your Logo Appropriate

Before embarking on any sort of marketing campaign, you must first nail down your target audience. A logo needs to accurately reflect a company’s culture and values or the company’s essence. If you are creating a logo for a lawyer, you are going to want to ditch the fun approach in favor of something more professional. If your target market is the mothers of small children, you are going to want to take the opposite approach and keep things fun and light. Color is a major attribute in determining the appropriateness of a logo design. You want to use colors that are appealing to your target market.

Make Your Logo Timeless

Milton Glaser created the “I Love New York” logo in 1975. Thirty-six years later, shirts and souvenirs bearing that enduring emblem still line the walls of gift shops around the world. It is the neutrality of the design that makes a logo timeless, such as the NBC Universal logo as an example. Look at the clean lines, the symmetry, the modernist structure, the neutrality in color appeal and content that creates the timeless quality even though it has been updated over the years.

Avoid Logo Taglines

Taglines can be an important part of a company’s image but should be separate from a logo. The size of the text in a tagline is so much smaller that it often forces the logo to be bigger in order to accommodate the text.

Have more questions about developing your own iconic logo. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions simply by going to the Help Tab on our website where you can send us a private message. You can also chat with us on Twitter! We love hearing from you!

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