Marketing Your Business

5 Ways To Grow Your Customer Base!

One of the biggest challenges most businesses have is the need to get your business noticed and grow your customer base. Regardless if you are a traditional brick and mortar or online business, if your sales are slow and your business is not seeing the rate of growth you would like it may be because you need more traffic to your place of business and website. 

So, how do you do that? How do you create more interest and get your business noticed? How do your products or services become customer favorites and consistently generate the kind of growth year after year that you would like? I have a lot of information for you here, so I have boiled it down into five nuggets and then I will give you some tools to help simplify and streamline the process for you. 

Identify Your Target Market

Step 1: Identify Your Target Customer

  •  Create an ideal customer profile.
    •  Name:
    •  Gender:
    •  Age:
    •  Appearance: (What do they wear? eg.: Suit/tie, medical scrubs, tee shirt/jeans, etc.)
    •  Current Occupation:
    •  Marital Status/Children:
    • Common Trait or Group Identifier: (Shared experience, situation, circumstance, etc.)
  • Identify Their Most Urgent Need

Creating a clear picture of your best customer makes them seem more real to you (especially if your business is predominantly or even exclusively online) and gives you a more meaningful and personal understanding of the needs, habits, lifestyle, and priorities of the customers that will buy the most from you.

It will also impact how you do business, market your products and services, what social media platforms you choose, how your website is designed, the type of new products and services you develop, even your business hours if you are a traditional brick and mortar. This is one of the most powerful steps you can take to grow your customer base. 

Step 2: Identify Your Customers Most Urgent Need

  • Offer customer feedback opportunities.
  • Join relevant social media groups.
  • Read or listen to news reports regarding your area of business.
  • Provide customer follow-up.
  • Ask customers at time of sale

Once you understand who your ideal customer is it will be easier for you to identify and understand the nuances of your customers needs, how they rank in priority, and perhaps most importantly, which is the most urgent and why. If you could use some help with this one, we have created a easy to understand program called Business Genesis. Inside you will get every thing you need including free tools to help you actually do what you learn as you go. You can get started Right Here!

Now that you understand your customers’ needs your next step is to create pathways that build strong and long lasting relationships with them. One of the most effective ways to grow your customer base is providing opportunities for them to quickly and easily give you feedback. Social media and specifically Twitter has become the new and oftentimes preferred customer service department.

Customers can leave reviews, engage with other customers creating a community of raving fans, ask questions or request assistance all from the convenience of their home. You will be able to connect with each customer on a personal level, provide exceptional service, and gain valuable feedback that will guide your next steps as you grow your customer base and your business.

Step 3: Make Sure You are Offering the Products and Services Your Customers Want to Buy.

  • What is your best selling product or service and who is buying it?
  • What are they using it for and how can you provide additional products or services that will help them even more?
  • What other similar individuals, groups, or businesses could you also provide these types of products or services for?

This is particularly key if your business is primarily online. Checking your website analytics daily will provide you with key information about just what your customers are interested in and what solutions they are looking for. This is also why interacting with your customers on social media is also key in making sure you are providing the products and services your customers are actually wanting.

If your sales are still a bit slow and you don’t feel like you are growing your customer base at the rate you would like, try connecting with a group or organization that could benefit from your company’s products or services. Just make sure you are offering them great value if they are buying in bulk. 

We would also suggest if possible that you do something extra in person for the employees of this company, such as a special lunch or something else that will introduce your company to them and help build your brand awareness to a whole new group of potential customers. 

One of our favorite resources for this is our partners at They have just about everything you could possibly need for your website and truly exceptional customer service. Plus, they are extremely affordable! 

Connect with Customers

Step 4: Emotionally Engage and Connect with Your Customers

  • Engage on Social Media
  • Offer Zoom Video Call Customer Service
  • Send a Text Message (post sale) follow-up.
  • Send a personal email
  • Send a “snail-mail” card.
  • Create a social media customer group
  • Send out samples of new products or services


We’ve had a rough go the last couple of years and your customers are no different. To grow your customer base and create a real connection with you and your products or services, your customers need three things from you.

  • They need to feel safe doing business with you..
  • They need to feel valued by you.
  • They need to feel empowered by your products or services to reach their goal and solve their most urgent needs.

If you make a point of doing just these three things each day with each customer you encounter, in whatever format that might be(online or in person), your customer base and your business will continue to grow no matter what may be going on in the world at the time. We have one more tool to help you if you feel you could use some extra help. It is our Business Growth Blueprint and you can get yours right here!

Step 5: Ask Repeat Customers to Invite Their Friends to Your Place of Business

  • Host “Thank You” event for your customers and ask them to bring a friend.
  • Participate in an event in your local community.
  • Invite local media to cover events or offer a press release.
  • Create synergistic partnerships with other business owners who share your customer base, but are not competitors.
Strategic Partnerships

Because of Covid you may have to get a little creative with this one until we are able to once again routinely gather together in large groups. You could host an online live group chat and have your customers share stories about your products or services if that is applicable to your business. I think currently, to strategically grow your customer base I would focus on building synergistic partnerships with those whose business is parallel to yours in the same industry. That would be the most effective both now, and in the long term. I know this is a lot of information, but I hope this will help you to get started growing your customer base, your business, and developing your repeat customers. No matter what type of business you are in, using these five key steps will get you results if you do them consistently and with excellence.

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