3 Reasons What Your Business Creates is Vital To The World!


We are lucky enough to know business owners just like you all across the western world. We have noticed over the last several months a growing trend that we think you should be aware of as well and that is this.  More and more first time entrepreneurs are taking charge of their destiny and moving into the world of small business.  This is one of the key signs for the regeneration of our global economy.


Your Business Creates Jobs

You see, for every small business that opens generates 60 more jobs.  Now I am not talking just about your own employees.  Think about the companies that provide the supplies to your business.  Every order you put into them requires materials and resources on their end to fulfill your order.  That means they have to order the raw materials to create items to sell to you so you can provide your products and services to your customers.  We call this the “Back-Chain” and it can be extensive if you follow it back far enough.  All along the way are people who are depending on you and your order for their own livelihood.  This is why you and the success of your business is so important to the rest of the world!

Your Business Creates Relationship

In a world that is increasingly connected, we have never been more disconnected from each other.  People, including your customers, are increasingly craving connections and personal relationships. This is one of the key advantages you as a small business owner have over the big box stores or national chains.  By their virtual size it makes it nearly impossible to create real relationships with their customers and that as we all know, is what keeps customers coming back.  You can provide the one thing that your customers crave most and that is a personal connection and relationship.  Make every effort to turn your customer relationships into friendships and you will have customers for life.

 Our global economy needs entrepreneurs from all parts of our planet to be successful if we are going to continue to strengthen and grow our global economy  beyond its current borders and this is just one of the reasons we started this blog and created Business Genesis.  Our goal is to inspire people from all over our world to create the business they want, and then empower them with the tools and information they need to transform their life and lifestyle. Once you have started your business it’s time to grow and market your business, products, and services. We have created in depth tutorials that empower you with tools to meet current challenges. You can Find Out More Right Here!

Your Business Innovates

Small business owners just like you generate some of the biggest innovations that we now take for granted as part of our daily lives.  Being creative and doing things your own way is often one of the key reasons you started your business in the first place.  Chances are that you and your company could create solutions to your customer’s greatest needs and these days that usually translates into a global market. People around the globe depend on you to meet their needs and solve their problems with your products and services.  The world is depending on you and your business to be successful.



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