How Business Innovators Will Succeed Over Disruptors!

Business innovators and creators will always succeed over disruptors.  The recent release of Chat GPT caused many of us to take a collective gasp and wonder what will happen next. How badly will this newest version of Artificial Intelligence (otherwise known as AI) disrupt our lives? How many jobs will be lost? Is you future safe and is your job secure? Potentially. Will Chat GPT claim jobs? Probably. Will it also create the need and demand for other jobs. Most likely. So how do we navigate this newest disruptor? Easily and calmly.

You see, Chat GPT can only function by using what already is. In order to perform its function it gathers information and data from the internet to compose the requested article or document that has already been created by us and so far, not that well. Most articles collected by Chat GPT are in need of significant editing which could be a great career opportunity in increasing demand as time goes on.  Original thought and creativity belongs to you and why you as an entrepreneur and business owner will continually succeed over those who attempt to disrupt.

Whenever we try to picture what business innovators vs disruptors looks like, we get the same slideshow of images across our mind’s eye: that photo of Einstein, Nicola Tesla and his coil, Steve Jobs onstage introducing Apple’s latest iThing. All have become the icons of business innovation. Successful small business owners, like innovators, tend towards one or more of five character types. Knowing which one best fits you and which ones you need to add to your success team could move you faster towards your success goals and keep you from making costly mistakes.

What Business Innovators Look Like

Business innovation is not just about that golden “ah ha!” moment in front of your bathroom mirror while brushing your teeth or a doodle on a napkin over coffee with a friend. It’s about the nitty-gritty work that comes after the idea: getting it created, accepted, and implemented. Who are these faces and most importantly where do you the small business owner fit in? Thinkers need doers to get things done, and idealists need number cruncher’s to tether them to reality. All play crucial roles in developing an idea, pushing it through the proper channels, developing a business strategy, and overseeing product development, and market execution. So here are the five personality types of successful business innovators.

Types of Business Innovators

Movers and Shakers

With a strong personal drive, these business innovators are leaders. A major incentive for this group is the idea of creating a legacy and wielding influence over others. These are the ones who like being in the front, driving projects forward (and maybe promoting themselves in the process), but at the end of the day, they provide the push to get things done. On the flip side, they can be a bit arrogant, and impatient with teamwork.


 Persistent and open to all new things, these business innovators and creators are perhaps the perfect combination for bringing a new idea through the various phases of development and execution. “Where there is a will, there is a way,” is perhaps the best way to describe them. They’re perfectionists and tend to be workaholics, most likely because it takes an incredible amount of dedication, time and hard work to push through an idea or initiative that hasn’t yet caught on. They take deep pride in their achievements, but they also enjoy sharing their expertise with others. They’re that intense colleague who feels passionately about what they do and makes everyone else feel guilty for daydreaming during the meeting about what they plan on making for dinner that night. Because they’re so persistent, even in the face of sometimes considerable push-back, they’re crucial to the innovation cycle and tend to be risk-takers.

Star Pupils

Do you remember those kids in grade school who sat up in the front, whose hands were the first in the air anytime the teacher asked a question? Maybe they even shouted out “Ooh! Ooh!” too just to get the teacher to notice them first? This is the segment of business innovators those kids grew into. They’re good at…well, they’re good at everything. Developing their personal brand, seeking out and cultivating the right mentors, identifying colleagues’ best talents and putting them to their best use. They’re the stem cells of the business innovation world. Somehow, they seem to be able to rise through the ranks and make things happen, even when corporate culture seems stacked against them. Unsurprisingly, successful business owners tend to be Star Pupils.


Uncomfortable with risk, Controllers thrive on structure and shy away from more nebulous projects. Above all, they prefer to be in control of their domain and like to have everything in its place. As colleagues, they’re not exactly the team players and net-workers. Controllers are more insular and like to focus on concrete, clear-cut objectives where they know exactly where they stand and can better control everything around them. Controllers thrive on having complete control over all aspects of their sphere. They may be the business owner who has built an entire company around their personality.


Forget the less-than-flattering name; these business innovators exist to bring everyone back down to earth and tether them to reality.. Like Controllers, they don’t embrace unstructured environments, and they tend to take things one step further, hewing to conventional wisdom and tried-and-true processes (e.g.; Microsoft) over the new and untested (e.g. Apple). This is not necessarily a bad set of characteristics to have in someone who has to be the one to remind everyone else of budget limitations and institutional processes.

No one group can be considered the purest “entrepreneurial group,” but Movers and Shakers and Creators may be the most closely tied to business innovation. They have the strongest tendency to be internally driven, in control and bridle the most at others telling them what to do. Younger, more innovative small businesses generally need Movers and Shakers at the top, channeling the energy of Creators into a vision that can be implemented. As organizations grow larger and more established, however, they need Star Pupils who can translate that vision into a strategy and lead it forward, Controllers who can marshal the troops to execute it and Hangers-On who can rein it in. A firm reaching maturity has greater need for strong processes, as well as those who value control.

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