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7 Tips To Turn Your Struggling Business Into a Success!


Q: What can you do if you feel that there is a chance that your business will not survive for very much longer? What do you need to do to stay afloat?                                                                                James T.   Atlanta, GA.  USA

First let us start by saying.  what has happened to business owners in the food service and personal care industries during the Covid-19 pandemic has been incredibly difficult and our hearts go out to you. The recovery strategies for a struggling business that we are about to share with you apply not only to your industry, but will also apply to many other types of small businesses as well, in just about any type of economy, including this one we are now experiencing.  Now let’s talk specifically to your type of business.

Create an Exceptional Customer Experience in Your Business

STEP ONE:  Often restaurateurs and other small business owners forget that their guests come for a dining experience, not just a bite to eat. This is true if you are a small diner or a three star Michelin restaurant. How you serve your guests is just as important as what you serve. Making an adjustment here usually costs nearly nothing, but can render multiple blessings of revenue, branding, and publicity. Use your imagination and be creative. Make it fun. Make it special.  


Create a Clean Environment in Your Business

STEP TWO: The second part to the dining or any other type of customer experience and perhaps the most important, is that the dining area, bathrooms, and kitchen must be spotless at all times. It is a well known fact that McDonald’s attributes the success of their best performing restaurants to the cleanliness of their bathrooms which are completely scrubbed and stocked each hour. Take a close look at your dining area, in the corners, on top of picture frames, and door posts. Cleanliness should be maintained at all times and especially when you are busy. Each guest should have a spotless place to eat before they are seated. Think of it as if your mom and dad were coming over for dinner. You want everything to be perfect. This goes for any type of business if you have in-person contact. If your business is online that means everything works, links are functioning, and it is easy to navigate.

Understand Why Your Customers Choose to Do Business With You

STEP THREE: Let’s start here. This inner drive for more life is inherent in all of nature, including you and I. Everything we do as a species is an outward expression of our inner primal urge to live more fully. For a better way of being in this world. Leveling-up if you will. We all want more. We all want better, and that is a good thing. We are expressing our internal drive for more life and to live it well. This internal drive is how your customers, clients, co-workers, and service providers choose to do business with you or not. All of our choices and decisions are based on our desire to live better, for increase. To live life more fully. We are looking for better food, nicer clothes, more comfortable homes, more luxury in our lifestyle, increased knowledge and understanding, more fun and entertainment. A more efficient, streamlined, secure, and less stressful way of doing business,  We are looking for an increase in something, and that something is a better way of being.


Keep Your Business Focused on Providing Solutions

STEP FOUR: There has been a long held belief that the desire for financial wealth is somehow evil. In truth, the desire for greater financial abundance is simply our aspiration for the resources necessary to live our lives more fully. For increase. Because this desire is rooted from deep within each of us, we are naturally drawn to those who can empower us with the tools and resources we need to accomplish our goals.

To give us what we need to level-up in the area of our life that we feel the greatest need. No matter where you are in your own life at this moment, if you are continually offering increased life to everyone you meet during your day, you will in fact, benefit by continually receiving increased life yourself. That is just how it works.

I know this may sound a little metaphysical, but try to think of it this way. No matter what type of business you have, your customers are looking for a solution to their current greatest need. They buy and spend their money with the business that can offer them the transformation they are looking for. They are willing to invest in the solution that will take them from where they are to where they want to be.

Create Business Opportunities Out of Your Challenges

STEP FIVE: Now, let’s talk about making money and that means in this specific case we are going into the kitchen. If your food is lousy or presented poorly, nothing else you do will matter. Not knowing the type of restaurant yours is makes this a little difficult, but I have a few ideas that may help you.

First of all, if you are in the food industry you know that we eat with our eyes first, so presentation is key. A true chef can do amazing things even with a hot dog. Of course, the next thing is the quality of your food. Organic food tends to have better flavor, texture, and aroma, but can also be a bit pricey. If you are barely staying afloat as it is, you might be tempted to cut corners but I wouldn’t suggest it.Try these steps instead.

  • Contact a local organic farmer in your area. Your farmers market would be a good place to start. Try to strike a deal with the farm and do the following.
  • Ask the farmer to provide you with the very finest of their current crop in exchange for a publicity event at your restaurant.
  • Invite the local press, food critics, chamber members, church groups, civic groups, city council members, and anyone else you can think of to a one night, by reservation only event.
  • Ask the farmer to be present and provide a place card about his farm and where the public can buy his food on each table.

What is good for the farmer is good for you. You generate publicity, branding, and revenue all in one shot. The farm provides the food which reduces your expenses and you provide the service and publicity which aids the farmer as well. This is a great strategic partnership that will help you both to continue to grow your businesses. If you need some specific help we have created a Business Growth Blueprint that you can purchase and download yours right here to help business owners recover and reopen.



Learn the Art of the Business Model Pivot

STEP SIX: One last thought. Cultivate your creative culinary skills and apply them to your business practices. In other words, look at your business challenges as a selection of ingredients. Set them out in front of you and then let your creativity run wild as you create “a new dish”! The art of the pivot has become an essential tool to successful businesses and yours is no different. Your advantage is that you are naturally creative and that is a great problem solving skill! Look at your challenge and then look for an innovative way to turn that challenge into an opportunity. 


Nurture Relationships With Your Businesses Customers

STEP SEVEN: During the 1980’s and early 1990’s there was an American tv show called “CHEERS”. One of the characters on the show was a customer named Norm. Every time Norm entered the bar “CHEERS”, everyone including the bartender would call out his name to welcome him in.  If there is an opportunity to gain the customers first name at some point during their visit, make a point of using it to personalize  their experience even if it is just to  thank them for coming in as you have them back their receipt and debit card. It is a simple thing that can have a memorable impact.

You can also share specific content with your customers via email such as special events, new items, and the like. It doesn’t need to be salesy. In fact, it should focus on  bringing value to your customer. Now here is something we found extremely effective.

Give your customers an opportunity to email you back. We use this all the time for our community members to specifically give them an opportunity to be heard and it has been incredibly valuable. The tool we use for this is AWeber. We have put a link just below if you are interested. We also have an entire page of RESOURCES if you are in need of another solution for your business. I will put that right here.

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