We have been receiving a lot of questions and we do mean a lot, about marketing, identifying your target market, and how to create your own marketing message. As a result , we have decided to use this blog post as a short course to help you get started creating your marketing message, We also have included a free Marketing Message Toolkit to go along with this post to help you do what you learn so by the end of the post you will have your own marketing materials.

Identify Your Target Market

Create Your Marketing Message for Your Target Market


Your “Target area” is not the same as your “Target Market”. There is a world of difference and without having a clear understanding of just what that is and how to identify your “target market” you can’t expect to grow your business or perhaps even stay in business for very long.

Your target market in not where you sell your products and services, but rather WHO most urgently needs your products and services. It’s critical that you identify this information for the success of your business as quickly as possible.

If you are not clear just who your ideal customer or your target market is we have what  you need inside your FREE Marketing Message Toolkit. You can get yours right here and then you will be ready for the next step.

Your “Marketing Message” should identify a FEATURE of your product or service and the ADVANTAGE and BENEFIT of owning and using your product or service. Let me explain it this way.

Create Your Marketing Message to Sell Your Products and Services


Step 1: State a selling feature of your product or service.

Step 2: Next state an advantage of that feature such as more power, ease of use, better function, etc.

Step 3: Now state the personal benefit your customer will enjoy when they own your product or service.

You have just created your marketing message and your sales tool that will help your generate more profit and we all like that. Here is a little tip.

A Feature is a type or quantity of something. It is also a logical or intellectual statement. So you want to see feature specifications spelled out clearly in black  and white.

Advantages and Benefits are a quality or condition of something, have an emotional value, and are best conveyed by the use of something visual such as a photo or physical display. Each product or service type should have its own “Marketing Message” as well as one over-all Marketing Message for your company.

Where and How to Use Your Marketing Message

As more and more of us are moving our daily activities online, it is essential that your business has an online presence, even if your business is a traditional brick and mortar.  To that end, here are four key ways every business should be consistently using their marketing message.

Just below we have identified four key ways to use your marketing message and how you can start right now to grow your business, your customer base, and generate more sales. In addition, we have taken it one step further and partnered with four of our favorite resources and tools to help you maximize the results of your marketing message, if you need it. We have used  these tools and resources ourselves, some of them for decades to grow our own businesses and continue to use them even now. Here we go…


    • Use Your Marketing Message in Your Email Marketing
    • Make Your Marketing Message Visible on Your Website
    • Create Your Marketing Message for Social Media Posts
    • Include Your Marketing Message in All of Your Videos

Email Marketing



Email Marketing:

Your email list is your singularly most valuable business asset you own. Therefore, it deserves to be treated with the utmost care and respect. When you are sending out your marketing message to you list for your products and services it is vital that the tone be like you were emailing your best friend, respectful, kind, and helpful. Most importantly, they need to be able to respond back to you. That is just one of the reasons we have been using AWeber.

Website Marketing


Website Marketing:

When you are using your marketing message on your website it is important that you have a condensed version of it :above the fold” on your homepage. “The Fold” refers to the bottom edge of the visible portion of your home page BEFORE you scroll down as viewed on a desktop computer. Think of it this way…

Years ago we had newspapers that were delivered each morning to your doorstep. They were usually folded in half  The main focal points on the top half of the front page were two things; 1. The newspaper logo  and 2. the headline of that days top story. Your marketing message is that headline. This is where your condensed version of your marketing message should be. It should call out to your ideal customer with a solution to there most urgent need.

Social Media Marketing



Social Media Marketing:

A little over a year ago we found a tool that has completely changed how we create social media posts and we HGHLY recommend Canva to you. Carefully choose the social media platform where your ideal customer spends most of their time and focus just on just that one platform for a while.

The key to success, and social media marketing is no exception , is consistency. Make sure that you are posting regularly and consistently for an extended period of time before you add another platform that may in fact, have less impact on your business growth adn not connect as well with your target market and ideal customer.

Your business social media posts should always be professional, focused on and offer value to your ideal customer. Save the sass and shenanigan’s for your personal platforms.

Video Marketing



Video Marketing:

When it comes to videos, people tune in for one of two reasons, information. or entertainment. How you showcase your marketing message will be subject to the reason your ideal customer is looking at your videos, information  or entertainment. If your customer is looking for information, a short tutorial of hw to solve their problem using your solution with a simple call to action is a effective video format.

If your format is more for entertainment, such as TikTok or Instagram, a more light-hearted or emotionally based approach might be better in delivering your marketing message. We have been using videos in a variety of ways, including marketing, for over two decades and without a doubt the best tool we have found is Camtasia by TechSmith. Camtasia is  very user friendly and cuts our editing and production time down substantially.


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If you have never had any experience identifying your target market or creating your marketing message before, we know that it can feel a little daunting, but we have the cure for that. We have created The Small Business Toolkit to help you. If you have a different resource, that’s okay. It’s just important that you actually use it if you want to generate real results.

In The Small Business Toolkit we have already done most of the work for you, so all you have to do is just fill in the blanks to a few questions and voila, you have identified your target market and created your first marketing message! These two things are worth their weight in gold as far as generating sales and growing your business.