3 Easy Steps To Understand What Your Customers Want!

You may have been told that when it comes to business marketing, your most valuable asset is your customer list or subscriber list if you do business online.  Success is not in your list.  Rather, is in your relationship with your list.  That relationship is created by consistently offering value in addition to understanding what your customers want. Your ability to understand what your customers want is your key to success. Today we are going to give you three ways to understand what your customers want.

You will want to go to chapter 5 of your copy of Business Genesis for in depth guidance, but for today let’s take three of the most impactful steps to understanding what drives your customers to buy from you.  The true source of your business revenue is directly tied to understanding what your customer wants and the consistent value you offer.

To identify what your target market and customer’s want and would find the most valuable, we need to answer these two questions.

Identify What Your Customers Want in Your Business Marketing


1. What is the outward desire or need of your specific market?

2. Finish this sentence on behalf of your prospective customer: “If I could just… then I could… ”.

If you are in the health and wellness industry and your business marketing is targeted to men over forty who happen to be twenty pounds overweight the answer for them might be “If I could just get into the pants I used to wear I could…”. If your ideal prospective customer is a woman with young children, her answer might be “If I just had a business of my own so I work from home I could…”.

Understand Why Your Customers Want Their Desired Result


So, as an online business owner how would you answer this question in your business marketing?  I can tell you with over two decades of experience that if you were to isolate the beginner segment or even the part-timer of that marketplace the answer to this question would be “If I could just quit my job”.  For those of you who have in fact, been able to quit your regular jobs and have a full-time online business the answer would be “If I could just stop doing the business tasks that I don’t like.  If I could not have to give live presentations, if I could quit traveling so much”, or whatever else it may be for you personally.

When you have the completed answer to this question whether it is for you or your target customer, we need to take that sentiment and boil it down to one word. Clearly define  and understand why your customers want their desired results. Identifying what this one word is for your customers. It will empower you to understand what your customer wants and how you as a business owner can provide it. This is your key to success and business marketing message. We have a free Marketing Message Toolkit to help you develop your own business marketing message. You can download right here.

Your Customers Want Freedom


Now using the information from questions one and two, identify your prospective customer’s true motivation and emotional driver. What is their internal desire? You do not have to use that word in your marketing.  It is to crystallize the underlying mental and emotional driver and motivator of your marketplace. 

  • What is one word that could describe that desire, that sentiment?
  • Describe the core thing that they are craving?

I believe the answer is FREEDOM!  You might have a different interpretation.  You might be in a completely different market, so your answer could be different.  Regardless, it is very important to begin to get an idea of the crystallized core of the emotional driver of your target market. That one word is the emotional driver for getting your customers to buy more of your products and services. You will need to convey to them in your business marketing that you understand that need and have the solution.

Understanding What Your Customer Wants is Key to Your Business Marketing


Knowing your market is the key to your success, particularly for a small business. However, to many small business owners gaining a clear understanding of what your customer wants can seem daunting. Breaking  down your marketing research into these few simple steps, I hope will inspire you to become better connected with your customer base.

This will in turn, results in you as a business owner having a much better understanding of who your customers are and just what it is that they are looking for. Understanding  what drives your customers to buy is key in generating more sales, growing your business, and the very foundation of your business marketing.

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I hope this has given you a little guidance. If you have a question of your own please feel free to post it in the comments below. Chances are if you are asking it, so are hundreds of others and that is why your question is an important one! I love hearing from you and about your business! If you think this post would benefit someone else, please feel free to share it with them and we would love to connect with you on Twitter. @SpectrumBizllc.