How To Position Your Brand For Greater Success!

Once you have identified your mutual values, the next step is to incorporate those values into your messaging.  The final step is to demonstrate that match to your ideal customer.  So how do you do that?  I am going to walk you through each step, but before we do I want to emphasize the importance of doing so only with your ideal customer in mind.  Not whomever you think you can get, but rather your perfect ideal customer that you would want to do business with over the long term.  That is why we are going to think of them as we do each of the following steps.


​​Identify What Your Ideal Customer Values. 

We need to take some time and answer two very important questions.

  • What are their dreams and desires, and what are they for?
  • What are their fears or concerns, and what are they against?  

Using an example of an organic market, let’s ask ourselves these same questions and then we will apply them to our ideal customer. What are our dreams, desires, and what are we for?  Our dreams and desires most likely include optimum health and vitality.  We might enjoy yoga and daily meditation to help maintain inner peace and centeredness, which also adds tremendous health benefits. We are pro-organic food that comes to us as nature intended and probably use specific foods as medicine as well, when we are not feeling our best.  We are also most likely very supportive of local family farms who provide organic and free-range products to local markets.

   What are we against and what may be our concerns or fears?  We are most likely against the use of toxic pesticides, additives, antibiotics, any artificial flavorings or ingredients, and preservatives in our food supply.  We are against inhumane treatment of animals. We are against GMO products (genetically modified organisms).  We don’t like scientists tinkering with our DNA or that of the things we eat.  We are also against large corporations that squeeze out smaller family farms.  What are we afraid of?  Cancer diabetes, heart disease, and other deadly diseases caused by pesticides, toxins and other pollutants in our food system and environment.

   Our ideal customer base shares these same values and concerns. They are the customers we want to attract.  They are the focus of our brand positioning and market messaging.  We won’t attract everyone and that is okay. Our goal is to demonstrate that we are congruent with those customers who believe what we believe and because of that, will want to buy from us.  Remember, we are attracted to those who are most like us.  Our customers buy from us not because of what we offer or the method in which we offer it.  They buy from us because they believe in why we do what we do.  They want to be associated with those who stand for what they personally stand for and are against what they themselves are against.  This applies to any business regardless if you offer physical products and services, or all things digital. If your business is a traditional brick and mortar, solely online, or like most successful businesses any combination of these. We have congruently positioned our brand with that of our ideal customer.  

 I know this was a very brief overview of how to Position Your Brand for Greater Success.  I hope this has at least got you thinking about how you can improve your own brand and how to reach your own goals and dreams.  If you would like additional help that is more specific with practical real-life steps you can start taking right now, just click here or on the image below for you own copy of POSITIONING YOUR BRAND FOR GREATER SUCCESS. It is available for immediate download so you can get started successfully moving forward towards your own goals right now! Here are just a few of the game changing secrets you will learn:

  • How to create your brand messaging
  • How to create branding your customers will identify with
  • When negative branding can be helpful
  • How to create a branding bond with your demographics
  • How your business environment contributes to your branding
  • Symbols and why who you associate with matters

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