Introduce New Product or Service

How To Introduce a New Product or Service To Your Customers!


We have the proof! November and March consistently are the best times of the year to introduce our newest products or services. The next question is how do we make that introduction effectively? This is a conversation I recently had with James Burnby when I asked members of our Business Genesis Community how they were going to introduce their new product or service to their customers. Let’s listen in…

James • I think it should be completely strategic. It should be all planned to ensure you retain your customer, units sold and profits. e.g. In one role I have one person selling something. Based on three sets of percentages based on historic information we found we needed to tell exactly 1,600 people via addressed mail every second month to retain things. Every quarter we need to add something new for press releases.​

Strategically Introduce New Products and Services

Alexzandra • You are right on track James. As a small business owner you will need to introduce a new product or service at least once every six months, but no more than once a quarter. Mailers should follow the same schedule. Otherwise, they will be viewed as junk mail by your customers and tossed in the bin before they are even looked at and become an ineffective waste of your money. The same is true for email. Weekly emails of high value to your customers consistently get higher open and click rates.

James • Agreed. That 1,600 units is purely strategic, but the number of people in the mailing list is 4,000 in each region. We must not forget the PR using newspapers and magazines. These are trusted media and prospects will rely on this media more than emails or letters.

Use Your Authority to Introduce New Products and Services


Digital newspapers and magazines can be great brand builders and marketing tools James, but only if you don’t pay for them. What I mean by that is they are very effective tools if you or your company are a featured article rather than just an ad. If the article is favorable it can add greatly to your brand credibility and catapult your business into a whole new level of success. Having a recognized news source offering a favorable review of you, your company, or your products and services can result in a new level of authority in your field. This newly gained authority is a previously valuable tool to successfully launch your new products or service and should be regarded as such. This newly gained authority is a previously valuable tool to successfully launch your new products or service and should be regarded as such.

Something Special to Help Get You Started!

To help you accomplish this we have a Marketing Message Toolkit that you can download here. It will guide you step by step through everything we are talking about today and help you implement it into your business right away. Super simple and created just for you.

Introduce New Products or Services With Free Samples

It is important to continually build your “List”. That is the goldmine of any business and a good way to do that is when your company introduces a new product or service. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by creating a landing page and offering a high value free sample of your newest product or service in exchange for your customer opting in to your email list. Our Partners at AWeber makes this super simple for you and will help you get started for FREE!

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