Cool by Association

The Cool Factor and Why Your Business Needs It Right Now!


It is quickly agreed upon by those in the world of finance that the quickest and surest way to become wealthy is to own your own business.  As a result, others are able to sense and feel your success and by proxy feel more successful themselves by doing business with you. Think of it as…​The Cool Factor by Association. Here is what it is, where it comes from, and how your business can use it too!


What is Your Cool Factor by Association

It comes from within you. As a successful business owner, your Cool Factor would be that you are calm, certain, confident, not showing excess emotion, especially nervousness or fear. As a small business owner, this is what we refer to in the business world as your personal “Cool Factor”.

You do not need words to convince others of what you already know within you.  Others will be able to sense and feel your success when they are in your company.  Your customers want to do business with you because by association they will feel more successful themselves.


​How to Develop Your Cool Factor by Association

The key to success in business is to cultivate a feeling within others that just by associating themselves with you, your business, products, or service, they will experience and enjoy increased success themselves.  One very important note, make sure that you give your customers greater use value in the products and services you offer them than the cash value they pay you for them.

Take honest pride in doing this and let everyone you do business with know that this is your common practice and the way you do business.  Your customers will always return to where they feel that they have received a good value and where they were treated well.

One of the reasons Apple became such a global success and the biggest and most recognized brand in the world is because of their very specific standards of quality. They believed in a better way of doing things, and couldn’t care less what Microsoft was doing. and had no interest in competing with others. Apple was and is their own competition. This confident, innovative, and singularly uncompromising mindset became their cool factor.

Apple’s products weren’t for every customer. They were targeted to customers who believed in what Apple believed in and as a result, were more than willing to pay the price for them. The Apple logo on their products identified the owner as holding the same brand identity as Apple. As a result, that customer became identified as being congruent with Apple. They were cool by association.

Create Your Cool Factor

If you take it to the next level as I have shown you here, you can be certain that you will have no shortage of customers.  Customers are automatically attracted to those who make their lives better, who provide solutions to their problems, and meet their current most urgent needs. Your customers go where they are valued, appreciated, and feel by associating themselves with you and your business they increase their own worth and prestige.  They have increased their own cool factor by doing business with you. So, how does your business get that “Cool Factor”?  You need high level and personalized customer service combined with game changing products that intersect with major shifts in culture and customer needs.

As an example, it was Apple’s convergence of computer, smart phone, and entertainment technologies.  Apple listened to the public’s needs and provided high quality products and services that meet and solve their customer’s most urgent needs and wants.  Then they gave them something extra and offered additional products and services that complimented and expanded what their original offerings could do. 

Take Your Business Cool Factor Public

  • What sets your business and yourself apart from others in your industry?
  • What innovations does your business bring to the marketplace?
  • What is it that your business believes in?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What type of customer believes what you believe?

Once you have answered these questions your business will be ready to build public awareness of your business cool factor. Speak directly to your ideal customer who also believes what your business believes.

You do not need a ton of money to do this.  Just get yourself and your business noticed by those who shape opinions in your niche market.  These “Opinion Shapers” could be someone in your local area, someone online, or even someone in the national media depending on who your target market is.


Some Extra Special Help to Get You Started!


Creating that positive emotional trigger can be something as simple as offering your obviously stressed-out customer a simple solution to reduce their worries.  You as a small business owner have a huge advantage over the big brands because you can create personal relationships with your customers and right now, that is more important than ever! To help you accomplish this we have a Marketing Message Toolkit that you can purchase and download here. It will guide you step by step through everything we are talking about today and help you implement it into your business right away. Super simple to use and works great for podcasting and video creators as well! If you have any questions along the way please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help.

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