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How To Make the Right Offers To Your Customers!

To make sure that you’re putting the right offers of your products and services in front of your customers—ones that will generate revenue, grow your customer base, and help your customers get results—you’ll need to do these three things.


Shift Your Mindset

The small business owner who struggles with making offers of their products and services, often thinks of them as “sales pitches.” However, you can also see your offers as opportunities to add value to your customers’ lives by meeting their current needs. For example, you buy a new lawnmower that helps you mow your grass in half the time. Wouldn’t you want to tell everyone about it? Your next-door neighbor might be truly grateful for the recommendation.

Making an offer of your products or services that you believe in is no different. Whether it’s offering your customers a product or service that will solve their biggest problem or sharing information and tools that will make their lives easier, you’re matching your customers to what they need to solve their problems.

Knowing your customer and their needs is what makes the difference between being a successful entrepreneur and a business owner who pushes their products or services on anyone and everyone. Often when we feel like we’re being “pushy,” it’s because we don’t realize that we’re actually helping our customers. The heart of good salesmanship is feeling good about your product or services and the fact that they are helping people solve their problems.

In order to create this thoughtful match between your customers and your offers, you will need to . . .


Select Your Products or Services Carefully and Show That They Work

I have been very successful with my recent promotions because 1) I create offers carefully to compliment both my customers’ needs and my suite of products and 2) I explain to my customers exactly why I am sharing each opportunity, how it can benefit them, and what results they can expect to enjoy.

Proof that your offer will bring about results will often clinch a sale. What real-life examples, stories, or case studies can you share to show that your product or service solve your customers’ needs and get them real results? If you use your products or services yourself, even better. Let your customer know and you will see their confidence, and your sales, increase.  Then, you’re on your way to building a growing and responsive customer base, as long as you….


Balance Your Offers with Added-Value Content

Even if you make offers that make sense to your followers and meet their current most urgent need, make sure you take time to add value between promotions or sales by sharing new pieces of content if you have an online business or product or services samples if you own a brick and mortar.  It’s a great way to say “thank you,” while keeping your customers’ interest in your business high.

These pieces don’t have to be complex. A short video from you, a quick blog post like this one or a tip you share on Facebook will all go a long way toward creating good will and giving back to your supporters. In fact, if you’re able to share a useful tip that your followers can digest and implement in just a few minutes, that might be even more valuable to them than a brochure or downloadable report that they don’t have the time or desire to read.

Finally, the most important part of nurturing an expanding customer base is listening to your customers’ feedback. If you communicate often enough, you’ll start to get replies to your emails and comments on your social media posts. See which offers and which pieces of content resonate most with your audience—and do more of them. By using feedback to tweak your content, and maintaining a balance of offers and value-added pieces, you will be well on your way to creating a responsive customer base that will support your business strongly and consistently.

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