What Type of Business Should You Open?


One of the questions we are asked the most often is “What business should I start? What type of business should I open? What type of business would give me the best chance of success?” There are always multiple factors involved, but today we are going to focus on two in particular and that is supply and demand, and timing.


Fake meat such as the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat are currently being pushed into our stores. Our farmers and cattle ranchers are being forced out by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the World Economic Forum (W.E.F.) under the guise of climate change. The problem with these synthetically created products is that they taste awful and there is a growing concern that they may in fact, potentially contain cancer causing ingredients.

Opportunity for local farmers and local butchers.

As a result there is a growing demand for organic and natural food of all types from local independent sources that can remain untouched by Mr.Gates and his associates . That means if you want to be an organic food supplier you will most likely have greater demand than you will have supply, which is a great opportunity to do good and create a sustainable living!

Opening your own local market

Opening your own local market could potentially be a great move also. One key factor is your supply chain.You will need to have multiple independent year-round suppliers of quality products that are local to you. Depending on where you are in the world, local could mean your state, provenice, or region of your country. The same is true for freshly carved quality meat and seafood.



Opportunity for YouTube DIYers

Anything food related that is local to the YouTube creator, natural, organic, and non-insect related is a tremendous opportunity as more and more people will move to grow their own food. A great example of this is Creative Explained. Armen Adamjan shows how to grow your own food supply and save money, from his apartment!


Physical Fitness

Opportunity to Get Active

Because of restrictions in recent years there is an increasing desire for physical motion and human connection: People want to be free to move as they like, and they want to be able to do it with others as well. Physical fitness, weight lifting, increased muscle mass building activities, walking, sporting activity and equipment development & manufacturing, sportswear, sporting events. All are potential opportunities to serve a growing need and desire of people around the globe.
Caution against shortcuts such as weight loss drugs, quick fix surgeries, radical diets. Keep things as natural as possible. Great timing for local gyms, yoga centers, outdoor children sporting and play events, and nutritionists.
Opportunity for Stress Management
Because of our prolonged and ongoing stress levels, opportunities to work off cortisol and adrenaline as stress management techniques will most likely see an increase in popularity in addition to renewed interest of men in particular, to appear more masculine by increased muscle mass. Thus weight lifting, boxing, and other opportunities may see a growing interest over the next year or so. This could be done in real-life, YouTube videos, Zoom class, in-home training, civic groups, etc.


Creative Works

The human race has been through difficult times like this before and the last time it opened the gateway to the artists of “The Renaissance.” With that also came an increase in “locally made goods” and it is very likely we will see that again. If your talent lies within your own hands this could be a wonderful opportunity for you to form partnerships with others in your local area and start your own side hustle or even a full time business as a creative, artist, carpenter, landscaper, designer, architects, or even car mechanic.


Payment Processes

As more government’s move to have control of our income and spending habits through the use of central digital bank currencies, there will be an increasing demand for some type of banking and payment platform that will keep our funds safe and protected from hackers, scammers, the W.E.F. and government entities.This platform may need to include traditional money, precious metals, as well as digital funds, at least in the beginning. If your gift is in technology this could be a tremendous opportunity..

Becoming an Entrepreneur

The more members of the World Economic Forum (W.E.F.) and our own government’s move to limit our freedom and autonomy, the more we crave it and entrepreneurs will be at the forefront. The most effective way to deal with a difficult problem is to create an opportunity to make it irrelevant.
For most of our world our new heroes will be entrepreneurs who themselves embody a strong need to be independent and self-sufficient.To be successful you will need to create multiple resources and supply connections and partnerships.
Look to local and smaller suppliers rather than traditional large or multinational corporations. Be determined and laser focused on your goals.Trust your own instincts. Don’t make decisions based on trying to please others. Make decisions and choices that will help you reach your goal while maintaining your integrity.

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