How to Stay Motivated!

Success is a process and sometimes it seems like it can take forever to reach our goals. Today we are going to talk about how to stay motivated during what seems like a long haul.  Even the so-called “Overnight sensation” usually takes about ten years of prolonged and consistent effort to evolve. Staying motivated during this process is essential, but truthfully it can be a bit of a challenge when the process becomes overly extended.  You are going to discover what to do when those moments hit and how you can effectively regain your motivation and internal drive to succeed. 


Understanding Motivation


I think we all agree that motivation comes from within us. Or, does it?  Motivation is like the fuel in our car that makes it go. However, that fuel comes from somewhere else and must be put into our car regularly or it stops running.  The same is true of our motivation and internal drive.  Our motivational drive is what propels us towards success, but the fuel that drives our motivation comes from somewhere else and just like the fuel in our car, it must be replenished. When we begin to run low on the substance that fuels our motivation to succeed, we begin to lose our internal drive and our pace forward begins to slow.  Soon doubt, confusion, overwhelm, and a loss of purpose begin to take its place.

Emotional Triggers


So, how do we keep this from happening?  We need to go back to the beginning, the birth of your motivation if you will.  The moment that you decided that you must accomplish your goal.  Almost always there was something or some event that you experienced just prior to the moment you made the decision or choice to accomplish your goal. It is in the moment you gave birth to your goal that you also experienced an emotional trigger that was significant enough to cause you to make the internal choice that you have.  This moment, this event, this experience, is the emotional trigger that propelled you forward and is the fuel that drives your motivation.

Losing your Motivation? Remember Why You Started!

Determination is important, but it will only take you so far before leaving you feeling empty and exhausted.  Think of inspiration as a sprinter and motivation as a marathoner in terms of duration.  Both are essential to your success. However, without proper refueling both will run out and we are left feeling lost, tired, confused, sometimes overwhelmed and without the necessary drive to keep us moving forward towards our goal.

The most significant step in Staying Motivated is to intentionally create experiences and moments that support and refuel your reason for accomplishing the goal you have chosen. This can be as simple as just taking some quiet time alone to remember and emotionally re-engage. It could be more significant, such as donating your time or intentionally engaging with those you wish to serve and those who will benefit most from you and what you do.  The idea is to intentionally reconnect with the reason that moved you in the first place to take the path you have.  It could be for an hour, an afternoon, or a weekend. The point is to emotionally reconnect you with what moved you in the first place and if your path has been more challenging than not, you may want to do this with a bit more frequency.

I know this was a very brief overview for regaining and staying motivated.  I hope this has at least got you thinking about how you can improve your own motivation to reach your own goals and dreams.  If you would like additional help that is more specific with practical real-life steps you can start taking now, just click on the image to the right for your own copy of STAYING MOTIVATED. It is available for immediate download so that you can get started successfully moving forward towards your own goals right now!


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