How To Make Successful Financial Decisions and Choices!


We have all been there. The pressure is on. You need to successfully make financial decisions and choices. Deadlines to meet and expectations are high. The stress is really building and you have got to find a solution before it all falls apart. Everything you’ve worked for, everything you dreamed of, could all just slip through your fingers unless you do something and fast. But what? What is the right move? What is the right choice?

You can feel your stomach twist in knots and your blood pressure rise as the stress of not knowing what is the right financial decision or choice continues to build. This is when you are at your most vulnerable and the most likely to make the wrong financial decisions and choices. Making a decision motivated by the need to resolve the issue quickly could potentially have catastrophic consequences financially for you and your business. So, what do you do? The clock is ticking!





To Successfully Make Financial Decision and Choices Get Out of Competitive Mode


You are in what I call “Competitive Mode” and that is not going to help you. You are trying to win against the thing that is causing you so much stress. You are in a competitive frame of mind and you are not going to find solutions here. “Competitive Mode” blinds you to the creativity you so desperately need right now to find the solution to your current stress factors. We need to get you into “Creative Mode”.

Something Special to Get You Started!

When you get out of the “Competitive Mode” and into “Creative Mode” you will understand that you never need to act in haste. No one else is going to beat you to what it may be that you want to accomplish and there are enough resources for everyone, including you and your business. This isn’t the only deal in town. If one opportunity is taken, another and probably better one will come your way a little farther down the road. There is plenty of time. It’s never smart to make a decision out of desperation. When you are unsure of what to do, wait. And, we have something for you to do while you are waiting.  

You can purchase and download your Financial Guidebook and Toolkit right here. It has just about everything you need to get you on track financially and the Guidebook walks you through step by step. You are going to need this if you want to be successful, so let’s get started!.

To Successfully Make Financial Decisions and Choices Get into Creative Mode


To bring you to a place of clarity we need to get you into “Creative Mode”. When you are in a place where you are feeling pressured, an urgency to act now, and lacking clarity of the right solution, wait. Take some time away from the emotional stress of your current work environment and go back to your original vision and dream. What was it that motivated you onto this path to begin with? What was your original vision and goal? What was it that you wanted to accomplish? When you were developing this plan, what did it feel like? This is your first step back on the path to successfully making financial decisions and choices

Now look at how far you have come and what you have created so far. Even if it is only a small amount of success, feel gratitude. Replace the sense of pressure and stress with a connection from deep within you to the motivation of what started you on this path to begin with and gratitude for what you have been able to accomplish so far. Now you are back in “Creative Mode” and we can begin to find the right solutions for your current situation.

Mistakes and bad decisions come from taking action too hastily, out of fear or doubt, or by forgetting your purpose and reason you began this journey in the first place. Take some time, preferably outdoors, to bring yourself mentally and emotionally into alignment with your vision, purpose, and let yourself feel gratitude for the progress you have already made. Get yourself emotionally and mentally back on track.

The result should be that when you are mentally and emotionally in re-alignment with and focused on your purpose, it should be much easier for you to see the corresponding choices that will help you to make sound business and financial decisions. And while we are talking about it, that purpose should be for the increase of life and success of everyone you deal with and less for no one. We are looking for a win-win here. Remember, for you to succeed we need you in “Creative Mode”  not “Competitive Mode”.



To Successfully Make Financial Decisions and Choices Stay in Alignment with Your Goals


As you continue to stay in alignment with your goals and your personal “why”, it is important to remember a few things to keep you on the track to success. Opportunities will come to you most likely in increasing number and frequency as your business begins to grow. You will need to be consistent in only making the choices and decisions that are in complete alignment with your goals and purpose. Stay deeply grateful for the progress and success you have experienced so far. Each day do all that you can do that day to the very highest level of excellence you are capable of, but minus the emotional stress, worry, and fear of losing out to the competition, whatever form that may take for you. Each day accomplish as much as you can, but never in a hurry or motivated by stress or worry.

Be Creative not Competitive

Remember, in the moment you begin to feel stressed out, worried, and confused about how to resolve your current issue, and like you have to take action right now, you tumble out of your “Creative Mode” and back into Competitive Mode”, and that puts you right back where we started. When you find yourself in this place, stop. Take a break. Get away from your place of work, if you can, and take a walk outside. Take some time to recharge and realign with your goals and our personal why. Focus on creating that win-win for everyone involved and less for no one. Intentionally making a point of being grateful for the progress you have made so far and where you are headed next. This intentional and purposeful way of converting your current stress to will never fail to bring you clarity and renew your focus. Now get back to work!

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