Business, Products, and Services Names,

How to Successfully Name Your Business, Products, or Services

This one step in building your business has caused more migraines and sleepless nights than just about any other stage. When you are naming your business or new products or services, we all know how important it is to get it just right. That we choose a name that is easy to remember and helps build our brand. Your name needs to easily and quickly convey to your audience why they need your business, product or service now! There are five key steps in successfully naming your business, product, or service with one important exception and they are as follows.

How to Name Your Business, Product or Service When YOU Are the Brand

When naming your business, product, or service you need to convey clearly what the product is and what the results your customer will experience after they use your business, product, or service. The one exception is when YOU are the brand, such as a designer or public figure. For the entrepreneur or small business owner, your life is about to get much easier. These five steps are your gateway to great nights sleep tonight!

How to Brainstorm the Name of Your Business, Product, or Service

  • Keep the name short and easy to remember. Ideally, that would be no more than two words. I have heard it recommended trying to use the same first letter in each word to make it easier for your customer to remember. Though there is some merit in this advice, I personally have found it difficult to achieve successfully. Let’s try these four steps instead.
  • List three ideas based on the products or services you plan to provide (e.g., children’s clothing, personal chef, organic products, etc.)
  • Identify three ideas based on your special niche (e.g., affordable children’s special occasion clothes, special needs or kosher diet chef, organic products for the bed and bath industries):
  • What are three urgent needs of your potential customer base that are not currently being met?
  • Name three ideas combining a favorite theme with your special niche: (e.g., Tea Party children’s party clothes, Table for Two kosher meals, The Serenity Swan organic bed and bath products):

Name Your Business , Products, or Service After the Result Your Customer Will Experience

Now finally, using the three ideas of your products and services in your niche market and a favorite theme, what will be the experience your particular customer or client will enjoy after using your product or service? After you’ve decided which name you like best, ask yourself a few important questions:

  • Have you said it aloud to make sure it’s easily understood and pronounced? (Has it passed muster with others? Have a friend call to see how it sounds over the phone
  • Have you checked your local business listings to make sure the same or a similar name is not already listed?
  • Have you checked with your local business authority to make sure the name is available?
  • Have you started your trademark search?


A fairly easy way you can do this yourself is simply to do a search online.  Then check with your local business license office.  Often times you can also do a search online using their website and data base.  It is also a good way later on to see if anyone one else is using your name or something close to it that might be causing customer confusion.

Hope that helps you. As we mentioned we have a free Business, Product, or Service Name Template to help you that you can download right here. Let us know if you have any other questions. Helping entrepreneurs like you is what we do!




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