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How to Find Your Purpose!


The number one quest for so many right now is finding our true purpose in life. From the time we were small children we were asked “What do you want to be when you grow up”? We may have had a clear answer at that time, but as we grow up our childhood certainty becomes foggier and ever more elusive as we travel through this journey we call life. how we live our lives has changed. Our values and priorities have changed and to some extent that is going to change what, why, and how you do what you do.  If you don’t really know what your purpose is, that is okay. A lot of people are trying to figure that out right now as many of us pivot from what we do and how we work to a new way of living and being. Trying to figure out your next step can be a bit of a journey. What is it that you are here to do? What is your true purpose in life? To help you find your true direction and purpose in life let’s start by answering these four questions.

  • What do you enjoy doing so much that you would do it even if you didn’t get paid?
  • Who would benefit the most from what you do and why?
  • What is the value of the transformation or solution you provide to your ideal customer?
  • What additional and unexpected value could you provide to your ideal customer?

By answering these four questions you now have a general outline of your business, business model, your product or service you are going to offer, the value of your product or service, who your ideal customer is, and how you can provide exceptional customer service.

I will let you in on a little secret… your purpose in life changes. Usually several times over our lifetime. Your life purpose can change as your life situations change. And, because our personal identity is often so intrinsically intertwined with what we perceive as our life purpose, we see and judge ourselves by what it is we do. If we don’t know what our purpose is, it can be really uncomfortable for us.  We feel lost, unproductive, like we are aimlessly spinning our wheels. This usually happens when we are in moments of transition and guess what? It’s perfectly normal. You are normal, you are just in process. Changing what you do and why you do it is perfectly fine. Sometimes we do it by choice and sometimes we do it because of life circumstances.

When I was first asked this question by my college professor “What is the purpose of your life”, I was dumbfounded.  ”Uhhh, its eight o’clock Monday morning. I don’t know what I am doing for dinner tonight, let alone the purpose of my life”!  Now, many years later I think to become truly successful and personally confident, it is very important to have a clearly defined concept of your current life purpose and goals, preferably written down for your own personal reference. The reason we create this in the first place is to give us a tangible way of reminding us why we are getting up in the morning, where we are headed, and what we are going to accomplish along the way.  It helps keep us on track and motivated.

So, to let’s start by answering the following questions:

The one thing I enjoy doing more than anything else is _______________________________________________.    In fact, I enjoy ____________________________________ so much that I would do it even if I didn’t get paid.  The reason I enjoy this so much is because I feel______________________________________________________   when I __________________________________.


We have discovered your what, now how do you make money with it? Answer these questions;  Does your newly discovered purpose in life solve a problem or meet a need for a large group of people? Would there be a repeated need for the thing you love to do by this same group of people? If the answer is yes, you may have just identified your new purpose in life and a potential business opportunity. The next step is to discover who you would want to share this experience with and why it would be so positive for you both. To help you we have an ebook Finding Your Purpose that walks you through each step.

Together you and I will discover what your purpose is, why you made that particular choice, and how you are going to achieve your goal. Next, we are going to create a success road-map if you will, that gives you guidance and direction on how to successfully reach your goals. Not only are we going to develop an overall view, but we are also going to break it down into practical, bite size chunks that will help you take positive steps forward every day towards the successful realization of your dreams.


​Then, we will uncover who would enjoy and benefit from the process and/or result of what you do and how that would feel for them. In other words, who is going to be your new customer base. Together we will learn how we would feel knowing we were providing the results of what we enjoy doing to the group of people who would benefit the most from what we do. Finally, we will uncover your “why” behind what you believe in. This is the driving force behind your choice to do what you do and finding your purpose and is an essential component for your success.


Getting You Started Right Now!

If you have never owned a business before, this can be a little daunting and overwhelming, but it does not need to be. If you could use a bit more help we have created our Business Plan Toolkit that you can purchase and download  yours right now! It includes step by step help to guide you as you create your plan for success. Get Started on Yours Now!


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