Your Personal Key To Business Success!

One of the biggest loss of motivation business owners of any size company often have is not generating the amount of sales they would like. The level of anxiety this lack of revenue  can cause ranges from mildly worrisome to debilitating fear. Often a business owner’s line of thinking is, if only they could generate more sales than all their financial worries would be over. Bills could be paid, employees could be hired, new equipment purchased, growth and expansion plans could move forward, goals would be reached, and personal financial concerns would be over. The fear and worry of having to let staff go or even worse, closing their business, would be a thing of the distant past.

It’s the fear of this kind of failure that moves entrepreneurs to find a way, look for that one elusive key that will change everything and turn their business around. What is it that will make their business a success? What is the secret that will finally put an end to their continual financial worry? What is it that will once and for all, get them out there and get their business noticed? Since you are here we are pretty sure you know the power of social media. What you may not know is just how to harness that power. We are going to let you in on one of own not so secret wepons that we use to learn from and grow our own business and that is Sprout Social. We are not partnered with Sprout Social, but we love these guys and we think you will too!

The answer growing your business and your revenue starts with this one success tip and that is conveying the feeling of growth and progress in every action you take in your business. You want your customers to understand that your business is continually expanding and becoming more successful. Success breeds success and you want to let your customers know that as you grow and progress so will they. Your success will result in their success if they do business with you. Everyoe love a winner, but they love even more is someone who is taking a chance to reach for the stars and make their dreams come true. However, please understand one thing and that is this. People are smart. The will usually recognize a business that is not actually as successful as they are trying to portray. True success usually comes one small earned step at a time. When you have achived that step it is a great idea to let your community share in your victory. It conveys meaningful growth and progress and your cummunity of followers and customers will want to be one of your best assets in generating momentum and word of mouth advertising. There is nothing more valuable or more powerful than a customer who is your biggest fan! 

Your customers often share the same worries and concerns in their personal lives that you and I have experienced in our daily business activities. If you can remember this and create products or services that will resolve their issues, worries, concerns, provide simple solutions to their most pressing problems, and improve their overall daily experience, you will have a loyal customer.

So how do you do this? How do you revolutionize the way you do business? It starts from within you. It begins in the way you think not only about your business, but also about how you live in general. It is about the way you live your daily life, how you conduct your daily activities and personal actions. This includes your time away from your business.

Even when you meet someone socially, completely outside a business context, with absolutely no thought of trying to create a deal or sell them anything, it is vital that you leave them feeling they are better off in having known you. Leave them with the feeling of personal increase and success. You can do this by holding within you the unshakable conviction that you yourself, are on a path of growth and success. Let your internal faith that you are constantly becoming more, inspire you to fill your thoughts, focus your intent, and be the motivation behind every action you take.

Each day, do everything that day with the absolute certainty that you and your business are continually growing, expanding, and becoming more successful. Every action you take, every business decision you make, must be made to provoke and accommodate growth and success. In other words, do the things, take the actions, and make the decisions that will move you towards your goals. This must be your business lifestyle. It should also be the way you treat and engage your customers. You become a successful business owner by helping your customer become successful, not just trying to sell them your product or service. The way to do that is by continually offing solutions to their current and most urgent problem. Again, how do you do that? Here is one action step we would suggest especially in the post-covid economy.


Since more and more customers and businesses are doing business online, we suggest building strong and personalized communication with your customers. Yes, that is right. We are talking about creating an emai list, but not in the usual way which is unbelievably annoying to be on the receiving end of. We don’t want you yelling at them “Hey, buy my stuff”! They get enough of that all day long and it’s almost always irrelevant to their specific needs. What we are talking about is creating an opportunity for your customers to be able to reply instatnly to your messages and be able to create a two way dialog with you. This is invaluable! It is also an opportunity for you to send digital gifts and insider tips that meet their needs in a way that is organized and not exhausting for you. We have a special tool for this called AWeber that we HIGHLY RECCOMEND! It will empower you to connect with and grow your customer base like never before.  Okay, now lets go a bit deeper.

Look inside your soul and feel with full confidence and absolute certainty that you are becoming more successful as you build your business, even if you are just starting out as a first time business owner. As your business is starting to take shape and growing into a sustainable form of income for yourself and your family,  you are also causing others you do business with to also become more successful. This could be everything from providing your customers with your products and services they need to solve their own current need, to expanding your business and providing a job for someone within your own community. It could be to become a patron to your favorite charitable organization. It could be something as simple as providing your customer with just the product or service they needed to solve their problem and making them feel so valued that it turns their whole day around.

Let’s clarify one thing and that is this. You do not need to brag about your success. Not only is it unseemly, it damages your brand and ultimately your credibility. Their is a big difference between sharing some good news and beig a braggart. Just feel deep within you and with resolute certainty that you and your company are continuously growing and becoming even more successful. Let this inner certainty guide your outer actions, and daily transactions with your customers towards success for all. Let each action you take, the tone in your voice, and the expression on your face, convey your inner peace and absolute assurance that your stresses and strains of financial worry are no longer the motivation of your daily business activities.


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