Why Your Customers Trust is Your Most Valuable Asset!

Growing your business or customer base is not about selling more, it is about creating trust based and value centered relationships with those you serve. Understanding  this fundamental difference is one of the keys to success. When I am the customer I want to work with and will buy from a person whose core desire is to solver my problem or meet my most urgent need. The old business model of a “Sales Team” in not only outdated, it has become obsolete in our current global economy. 

If you want to do business successfully you need to create real customer relations by engaging your potential customer, not only talk to them, but listen to them, ask questions that are relevant to them and their current or evolving situation. Don’t waste your time and theirs by trying out your latest sales pitch. People never like being sold to, but they do like to buy and they like being helped. This is where true customer service plays an important role and where you build your customers trust in you and your brand.

The problem that I see in many struggling small business is that they are still operating by the same business principles and techniques that were traditional from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s and even 90’s. While our business technology has clearly developed and evolved, the business success strategies that many small business continue to employ have not kept pace with the needs and expectations of their customer base.

Today most small business customers are savvy to the traditional sales pitch and can feel it coming from a mile away and have already tuned you out and moved their attention elsewhere. If your sales are less than glittering I have this singular piece of guidance for you. Stop selling to your customers and start focusing on meeting their need and adding value to your product or service. You will generate more revenue faster by simply doing the right thing, putting the needs of your customer first. I call this “Moral Capitalism”. Not only is it the right way of doing business, it is also extremely effective! If this way of doing business is a little new to you I know that it can feel a little daunting changing the way you are used to doing business, but I have the cure for that. 

To smooth your path and guide you on your way to building your own successful business, I would encourage you to get your own personal copies of Business Genesis and the Small Business Toolkit  Together they will help walk you through each step of building a successful business before you invest a ton of time, money, and resources. Both will save you years of mistakes, wasted money, and worry. 

​I hope this has given you a little guidance. If you have a question of your own please feel free to post it in the comments below. Chances are if you are asking it, so are hundreds of others and that is why your question is an important one! If you need more in depth help, please feel free  Contact Us and send us your questions.​  We love hearing from you and about your business! If you think this post would benefit someone else, please feel free to share it with them and we would love to connect with you on Twitter.  @SpectrumBizllc or join us on Reddit


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