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The Cool Factor and Why Your Business Needs It Right Now!

It is quickly agreed upon by those in the world of finance that the quickest and surest way to become wealthy is to own your own business.  As a business owner yourself let your absolute assurance that you are becoming successful, that in fact, by the very notion you are a business owner you are already successful radiate quietly from within you.  This is what we refer to in the business world as your personal “Cool Factor”.  For you personally as a successful business owner, your Cool Factor would be that you are calm, certain, confident, not showing excess emotion, especially nervousness or fear. Your cool factor comes from within.

You do not need words to convince others of what you already know within you.  Others will be able to sense and feel your success when they are in your company.  Your customers want to do business with you because by association they will feel more successful themselves.  Think of it as…

The Cool Factor by Association

The key to success in business is to cultivate a feeling within others that just by associating themselves with you they will experience and enjoy increased success themselves.  One very important note, make sure that you give your customers greater use value in the products and services your offer them than the cash value they pay you for them.

Take honest pride in doing this and let everyone you do business with know that this is your common practice and the way you do business.  Your customers will always return to where they feel that they have received a good deal and where they were treated well.

Exceptional Customer Experience

If you take it to the next level as I have shown you here, you can be certain that you will have no shortage of customers.  Customers are automatically attracted to those who make their lives better, who provide solutions to their problems, and meet their current most urgent needs. Your customers go where they are valued, appreciated, and feel by association themselves with you and your business they increase their own worth and prestige.  They have increased their own cool factor by doing business with you.

So how does your business get that “Cool Factor”?  You need high level and personalized customer service combined with game changing products that intersect with major shifts in culture and customer need.  As an example, it was Apple’s convergence of computer, smart phone, and entertainment.  Apple listened to the publics needs and provided high quality products and services that meet and solved their customer most urgent needs and wants.  Then they gave them something extra and offered additional products and services that complimented and expanded what their original offerings could do.

Get Noticed!

Find a way to set your business and yourself apart from others in your industry.  You do not need a ton of money to do this.  Just get yourself and your business noticed by those who shape opinions in your niche market.  These “Opinion Shapers” could be someone in your local area, someone online, or even someone in the national media depending on who your target market is.

So, tell us about your business cool factor.  Do you have it and how are you going to build it? Share your thoughts below and if you have any questions feel free to Contact Us. We love hearing from you and we will respond just as quickly as we can. Of course, you can always click the image below and join the fun on our 
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