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The #1 Way to Become Successful!

No matter what kind of business you are in at this moment, whether online or person to  person, the primary focus of all your efforts and interactions must be to convey to your customers, clients, and those you work with the impression of increase, of more, of them being better off for having done business with you or to associate with you. If you intentionally make your customers and colleges aware that your primary purpose and intent for doing business with them is to offer them a tangible sense of increase, people will naturally be drawn to you. You will never be lacking for customers or opportunities. So, what does creating a sense of increase mean exactly and how do you effectively apply it to your own personal situation in a very real-life way?

Let’s start here. This inner drive for more life is inherent in all of nature, including you and I. Everything we do as a species is an outward expression of our inner primal urge to live more fully. For a better way of being in this world. Leveling-up if you will. We all want more. We all want better, and that is a good thing. We are expressing our internal drive for more life and to live it well. This internal drive is how your customers, clients, co-workers, and services providers choose to do business with you or not. All of our choices and decisions are based on our desire to live better, for increase. To live life more fully. We are looking for better food, nicer clothes, more comfortable homes, more luxury in our lifestyle, increased knowledge and understanding, more fun and entertainment. A more efficient, streamlined, secure, and less stressful way of doing business,  We are looking for increase in something, and that something is a better way of being.  

Here is the other side of this and it is important for you to understand it, because it holds tremendous opportunity for you. Every living thing on our planet, including the Earth itself, is driven by the need for increased life. When that forward momentum of life is inhibited or denied, death and decay set in at once. All of nature, including you and I instinctively know this. It is why we all are continually seeking more life and a better way of being, Where there is less life, inhibited growth, pollution, frustration, lack of understanding, and emotional disconnection, there is urgent opportunity for you to offer increased life. Solve a problem, meet a need, offer an opportunity for increased growth, more life, emotional connection, happiness, and a better way of being.

Now. let’s talk about money. There has been a long held belief that the desire for financial wealth is somehow evil. In truth, the desire for greater financial abundance is simply our aspiration for the resources necessary to live our lives more fully. For increase. Because this desire is rooted from deep within each of us, we are naturally drawn to those who can empower us with the tools and resources we need to accomplish our goals. To give us what we need to level-up in the area of our life that we feel the greatest need. No matter where you are in your own life at this moment, if you are continually offering increased life to every one you meet during your day, you will in fact, benefit by continually receiving increased life yourself. That is just how it works. 

The next thing we want to talk about is your messaging. Successful marketing and branding applies not only to your business, but to you personally as well. Even if you are a student and just starting out in life. It is how people perceive you as a person. Success is not an achievement. It is a daily way of being in your everyday personal life as well as how you operate your business or career. You are a creative center and a potential source of success and increased life to everyone you come in contact with throughout your day. If you want to experience wealth, success, and increased life for yourself. you need to first generate it for others. Even if at this moment you are only working part-time for someone else, no matter how small the transaction make sure you accomplish these four things in every conversation or transaction.

1. Continually look for opportunities to meet the primal urge for increased life, more happiness, and a better way of being for your customers as well as those you come in contact with throughout your day .

2. Make sure that your customers or the people you encounter during your day are fully aware that is in fact, your intent and purpose for doing what you do. This applies to your personal way of being throughout your day as well as any business transactions. 

3. Next, make sure your customers, colleges, and friends leave you with the feeling they are better off for having done business with you or being with you specifically. Because you are intentionally cultivating success they will experience increase simply by association with you and or your business.

4. One of the best ways to accomplish this if you are a business owner is to make sure that the product or service you offer is of greater use-value than the price your customers paid you for it. In other words, your product or service empowers your customers to accomplish a much greater or reoccurring goal. It is the old “teach a man to fish so he can feed his village” philosophy.  If you take honest pride in this and convey this is your actual intent in all of your messaging, you will have no shortage of customers. People are naturally drawn to where they feel they will be provided with increase.

Convey the impression and intent of personal and professional growth and success with everything you do. Do this intentionally so that people are left with the impression that you and you business are successful, growing, advancing, and they themselves will experience growth and success by associating with you or doing business with you. Success is your daily way of being and you accomplish that by intentionally generating success for others in whatever capacity that may mean for you at this moment in your life.  Here is my #1 principle of success; What you want for yourself, you must first generate for others.

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