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Relationships Vs Business During A Crisis

I have spent the last few days checking on each of my clients. Everyone seems to be okay, but quite shaken by the impact Covid-19 and the global shut-down.  After losing my own father just a few weeks ago, I understand their emotions.  It is for that reason that I am writing a very different type of post this week.  You see, sometimes you have to stop doing business during crisis, so that you can just be a friend to someone who needs you in their darkest moments. The result is you build improved customer relations that result in deepened customer loyalty simply because you demonstrated that you genuinely care about them as a person. Relationship management skills are an essential tool of a successful business owner, but sometimes it’s just about being a decent human being and genuinely caring about those who come across your path during your day.

Now that the shock is passing the reality of what has just happened is starting to set in and fear of the ongoing unknown is taking root.  If you have any clients or customers in any part of our world right now I encourage you to reach out to each one on as personal level as you can.  Fear is such a crippling and destructive emotion and they are going to need your extra support to get through the next few weeks and months.  Most importantly let each one know that there is no doubt that you care about what they are going through and look for any way that you can help them, particularly on an emotional level.  Here are a few suggestions.

1.  Share your own story and emphasize you understand what they are feeling because you have experienced it. 

2. If you have been fortunate enough not to have experienced Covid-19 please be honest about it. Just the fact that you are reaching out to them without an agenda will let them know you care.

3.  This is NOT the time to pitch your product.  This is the time to build your personal connection with your clients and to simply be a human being.  There will be time enough for business later.

I hope you will follow up on this and if you have comments or any suggestions on how to comfort and support our global friends please post it on our Twitter Chat so that the rest of us can make good use of your insights.

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