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How To Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Business!

Q: How do I shift my side hustle into a real business?                                          Annie J.   Vancouver, BC   Canada


We love this question because more successful businesses have been born this way than almost any other. So, let’s start by looking at what you have going for you. You already have a growing customer base. So much so that in fact, you are in need of additional help just to keep things up and running. I would suggest that you take a tip from our friends at Facebook when they started out and get a little help from your friends. If you don’t have a friend that is qualified to meet your specific need I would suggest perhaps posting a part-time job opening at your local university. You are going to need the extra help to get you through this next phase.

The next step in turning your hobby into a viable business is to think of it as a business. That will mean that you will have dedicated hours each day that you spend developing your business and your website. You are going to need to write out a business plan for your company. Then you are also going to need to think about building your brand. This may all sound a little over whelming right now, but please remember this is a process that you take one step at a time. To help you get started I have created a  Business Startup Checklist you can download right now to help you stay on track and successfully build your business. Get yours here!

If you go to our Resources Page and Bookstore you will find a ton of tools and information to walk you through each step and help you implement it into your business. I would also highly recommend that you buy a copy of Business Genesis and The Small Business Toolkit. They will walk you though everything you will need to know step by step. Just do one thing before you move on to the next. Make it your goal to accomplish one thing each day that will bring you closer to your goal of business and financial success.

One last thing to help you, if this year has taught us anything as business owners it is the art of the pivot. Being creative and flexible in how you do business will be key to growth and success as we move forward. To help you I have linked some additional articles below that are specific what you are currently facing and should help you a lot. If you still have questions please let us know. We are more than just a blog with cool information and tips. We are here to help you succeed. That is our mission. That is why we exists. We would love to have join our chat on Twitter. You can get direct, quick answers to your current questions. If you would like to send us a private message please feel free to Contact Us directly. We love hearing from you!


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