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How to See Opportunities for Success!

If we told you that there was literally a formula for becoming successful, you might have a few doubts. Especially in moments when everything seems so uncertain. It feels like the odds of becoming successful and creating the career and lifestyle we want are becoming less likely by the hour. However, there is a formula for becoming successful and you can use it right now.

It is true that this global pandemic is hitting our entire plant in an unprecedented fashion and negatively impacting many, but that is because the many don’t see the opportunities to create good that come with it. They don’t think and act in a success-minded way and here is why I say that. When there is a time of preceived stress or crisis, our minds, needs, and priorities become very focused. We actively look for solutions to our most urgent needs which in turn creates opportunity for the success-minded innovations (not to be confused with an opportunist). It dosen’t matter if the catalyst is a pandemic, a recession, or a natural disaster, the success-minded individual will see the potential for being of service and creating success.

Creative Innovation

These are moments and platforms for creative innovation, not competition. Those whose focus is on competing usually end up having a negative impact on their market place and ultimately 
themselves. While the success-minded focus on opportunities for creative innovation in meeting their markets most urgent needs and usually end up very successful. Tesla comes to mind. They stopped production to refit their lines and produce desperately needed respirators. Several luxury design labels skipped their next season line to produce masks for healthcare workers and patients. Spirit makers stopped liquor production to instead produce hand sanitizer. They are focused on their own path of creative innovation in meeting their customers most urgent needs.

As we anticipate a potential global recession as a possible result of Covid-19, there is massive opportunity for creative innovation and economic salvation on a global scale. This unprecedented virus has changed our world and how we live in it. Our needs, wants, and priorities have become very focused for our continued survival. Most likely this unique phenomenon and resulting consequences are going to continue with us for a good portion of the year. That means this is your moment. This is your opportunity to create good. This is your opportunity become success-minded. 

Moving Forward

I want to encourage you as you begin to alter the way you think to a more success-minded way of seeing our world right now. 

  • Continue to think creatively. Don’t worry about having to compete for resources. It’s very clear that there are plenty of resources and when we need more, more will be made. Literally. When you feel that competitiveness creeping in, stop yourself or you will loose your innovative edge to see golden opportunities others may have missed.
  • Things are changing so quickly right now that I wouldn’t spend a lot of time and resources on potential obstacles down the road unless by taking action now you are certain to avoid them altogether. The unique thing about fully immersing yourself into a success-minded way of thinking is that the mathematical probability of you continuing to make a succession of good choices and decisions that tend to keep you on a good path is pretty high.
  • I know things are a bit scary right now. We are navigating uncertain waters. Keep your focus on opportunities for creative innovation and put the worries of all the potential scary stuff on hold for now. If it actually shows up you can deal with it then in whatever actual form it takes.
  • Guard your speech. How you talk impacts how others see you and how you feel emotionally yourself. If you are busy focusing on how hard things are, the potential of failure of your business, the future of the economy, you loose your innovative edge and slip back down into competitiveness. which is sure to bring about all of the things you are worried about. You are so busy focusing on theories of failure that you completely miss actual opportunities for success because you simply don’t see them.

Our world is evolving. We are cleaner. We have slowed down and reconnected with family, pets, and neighbors. We have united as a global community in a common purpose to survive and thrive. We have reached out a protective helping hand to our most vulnerable. Our planet is healing itself with remarkable speed. We are collectively moving forward in a positive direction. Will we go back to the way things were? I hope not. Covid-19 and all it brings with it is opening new gateways of opportunity for those who can see them.

What’s Next

Your journey of creative innovation may not be perfect. When road blocks come, it simply means you need to adjust your course. When things inexplicably fall apart try not to stress. Room is being made for something better. If there are moments when you 
doubt your own ability to get the job done, seek out opportunities to develop the needed skills or find someone who already possesses those skills at an exceptional level. When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

I hope that this has given you a bit of hope and that you can see that there is still a pathway forward for you, even if your goals and dreams have changed over the last few months. Feel free to come back and re-read this post as often as you need. If you would like more personalized help in developing your own ability to see potential opportunities for success please feel free to Contact Us directly. We will set up an appointment with you to create your own plan of action that will be your personal road map to successfully achieving your goals and dreams. Even if they may have changed a bit recently.

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