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How To Know What Your Best Customers Want To Buy From You!

Q: Is market research actually useful for a small business?                                     D.  James     Palo Alto, CA. USA


Knowing you market is the key to success, particularly for a small business. However, to many small business owners this task can seem daunting. I would like to break it down into a few simple steps and I hope this will inspire you to become better connected with your customer base resulting in you as a business owner having a much better understanding of who your customers are and just what it is that they are looking for. Understanding this is the key generating more sales and growing your business. So let’s get started.



The first step toward success is creating your plan of action.

Though this may sound strange to some, I actually recommend that you start by launching your own campaign. This will provide you with invaluable information and it is one of the best results getting methods I know that costs next to nothing to implement thanks to the Internet. The best place to begin when embarking on your first marketing campaign is to determine your goal. Is it grow your customer base? Do you want to reach a specific revenue goal? Do you want to clear out old inventory? In order to do that, you need to ask yourself two questions. What is the final result you want to achieve?

1. Who are you talking to?
2. What do you want to accomplish?


Who are you talking to?

Are you talking to customers or prospects? Are you reaching out to industry experts and peers, or to followers of your brand? No matter who you’re talking to, it’s a good idea to dig a little deeper and ask:
· What are they like?
· How much do they know about my business, products, or services?
· What do they expect?
· Why would they want to hear from me?

The more you know about who they are, the more focused you can make your message. And the more focused your message is, the more effective it will be.

What do you want to accomplish?

Now that you know who you’re talking to, the purpose of your message starts to come to life on its own.

You can:

  • Reward current customers with “insider” information or special members-only offers.
  • Attract prospects by telling them who you are and why you’re better than your competition, and entice them with an introductory offer.
  • If you have a big announcement to make or a new product, then you want to talk to industry leaders as well as your customers.
  • Customers, prospects and industry leaders are vastly different audiences with different expectations, levels of knowledge and reasons for wanting to hear from you. Knowing what to say affects every step in the process.

For example:
· If you want to expand your customer base, then you know you should talk to prospects.
· If increased sales is the goal, then it makes sense to talk to customers and prospects.
· If you have a big announcement to make or a new product then you at least want to talk to industry leaders and possibly customers.

· Know your goal BEFORE you send your email.
· Get to know your audience.
· Send the right message to the right audience.


  • Write down the goal of your email so you can judge whether or not the email helped you accomplish that goal.
  • Write down who your audience is and what you know about them so when you compose your email you can make sure you are giving them relevant information.
  • Take the time to come up with a plan before you hit send.


I hope this has given you a little guidance. If you need more in depth help please feel free to Contact Us directly for more personalized help or join the fun on our Twitter chat! We love hearing from you and helping you reach your business goals! It helps us create even more meaningful contest, products, and services for you, so keep them coming!

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