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How To Attract Your Ideal Customer and Increase Sales!

Q: I wanted to know if you help people who are just getting started or know of anyone you could recommend. My main problem is driving traffic to getting sales. I am in the gift basket business. Thanks for any advice you can give me.                                                  Christine W.      Clifton Heights, PA. USA

One of the greatest tools of growing your small business into a raging success is something called “The Cool Factor”. Apple had it. Facebook has it. So did Nike and a very long list of other uber successful companies that all started just where you are now. So how did they do it, what is this illusive “Cool Factor”, and how do you generate it in your own business?

Well, there are two main ways and the first one is easy. I call it “Cool By Association”. This has two aspects to it that I have put in a specific order because this is usually how it happens. The first is that you become closely associated with someone else who is already regarded as successful. You need to build a close working relationship with a promotional partner who can also benefit from advertising and promoting your product or service. It has to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

The second aspect to being “Cool By Association” is the sense of community you are create for your customers who by and use your products or services. Apple and Facebook are great examples. We all love being apart of “The In Crowd”. Though I strongly encourage any small business to do this, there is one caveat. Communities are high maintenance. You will need to continually need to add fresh content or product to keep things interesting and continue to grow your customer base.

There is another way of creating “The Cool Factor” for your business. This takes a bit more effort, thought, and perhaps a little more time, but is an absolute must! I am referring to the quality of your product or service. I have heard hundreds of anecdotes about Steve Jobs and how he was constantly tweaking even the hues of colors of fonts to make the iPad and iPhone more appealing to customers. The quality of Apples product turned their customers into fanatics who couldn’t wait to by the next new product and that type of “Cool Factor” is what took Apple from the brink of bankruptcy to the number one brand in the world!

So this week, think about your company and how you can create your own “Cool Factor”. If you need more detailed help I can walk you through each step in the Small Business Toolkit, but for now I hope this has given you some food for thought. I love hearing from you so keep the comments and questions coming. They help us create even more meaningful and better targeted and empowering information and tools for you. Good luck and check out our other marketing tips! We’ve listed them just below for you. They are loaded with tons of information that will help you start marketing your business today! Then pop over and join the conversation on our Twitter chat! We love hearing from you and answering your questions! We are here to Inspire you to see a brighter future and Empower you with the tools and resources you need to successfully start, grow, and Transform your business.



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