Creative Thinking


   Your thoughts are your most powerful tool in converting pure energy into tangible wealth.  As I mentioned in the last chapter, pure energy is an intelligent substance.  When you think of creating something from this pure energy it will then take that form. Let me explain it this way.  When an inventor creates something it first takes form in their thoughts. They may take some time pondering the inner workings of their creation and how to assemble it long before they actually begin.  It all starts with a thought.  Let’s go back to nature for a moment.  Everything, system, or process we see is the visible and tangible result of intelligent thought consisting of pure energy.  As this creative substance thinks of a form it takes that form.  As it thinks of a particular action, it takes that action.  This is the process of creation.  If you think I am taking a big jump off an esoteric bridge let me bring this back into scientific terms and let’s start with you.  When you were created you started as one cell.  Something intelligent told that cell how to split into two cells, then into four, and then into the eight original stem cells from which the rest of you would be formed.  This creative intelligence is what I am talking about.


   We live in a tangible world that has been formed by the creative intelligence of pure energy and that is a tiny part of a moving universe also formed by this same substance. This thought has been extended throughout the universe and has been organized in such a way as to maintain each planet and galaxy in their orbit to prevent them from colliding into each other.  The intelligence of pure energy moves and takes action.  It is not static or stationary. This thinking creative substance takes the tangible form of its thought and then moves accordingly. This motion is not usually quick or instant though we as humans would often prefer it.  Turning your personal financial picture around won’t happen overnight but it will happen, and you can start right now if you take action and continue to take action every day. 


   Creating what I refer to as P.F.A. (Permanent Financial Abundance) takes time.  It’s like the creation of a grand old oak tree.  Creative pure energy thinks in the form of an oak tree and moves accordingly to create it though it may take decades to do so.  Merely thinking the thought of financial wealth does not cause an instant increase in your bank account balance.  It does however, set in motion the forces that will produce a more abundant cash flow through conventional means of increase and wealth.  Every creative thought, held in the substance of pure energy, causes the creation of that thought into form and the motion or action of that creation is nearly always through normal established methods.  Sorry, but long-lost rich uncles or mega lottery winners are the very rare exceptions, not the rule.


   I used to design homes so let me use this as a point of illustration.  As our family has been growing, I have wanted to buy a more size appropriate home for us.  As I looked around our area, I haven’t been able to find the style of house I have been imagining in my head.  Just visualizing the home of my dreams will not cause it to suddenly appear out of thin air, but it would set in motion the creative forces already in place in the construction industry to build a home in the same style and layout that I had been looking for. 


   You can’t spend any real amount of time thinking about something without setting in motion the forces of creative energy to give it form.  That would defy the laws of physics and the very foundation of creation.  You see, humanity is sort of a think tank.  We can purposefully and intentionally generate specific thoughts.  All the things that humanity has invented and created have first existed as thought.  We cannot create something with our hands until we have first created it with our thoughts.  This is one reason why a household budget or a business plan is so important and instrumental to our financial success.  We need to first mentally create our success in our minds before we can create it in our lives.


   For centuries humanity restricted its creative efforts to only what we could create solely with our hands.  Over the last few years I have noticed an awakening towards creating with our thoughts.  We are just learning as a species to cause the creation of new forms and substances by impressing our thoughts onto the creative substance of pure energy.  In the act of writing this book I am creating with my thoughts.  An e-book which was nearly unheard of ten years ago is now as commonplace as our mobile phones.  


  Yet it is not a physical thing, but rather a collection of binary codes contained on servers, distributed by satellite signals across the web, and organized in such a way as to be received and read on an electronic device at your leisure. For the most part, we take materials from our natural resources and reform them into what we have envisioned in our minds eye.  Rarely do we even consider the possibility of joining creative forces with the intelligent creative force which organizes each nanoparticle into molecules that in turn form matter and life itself.  


   Not only do I think it is possible but essential in order to achieve success of any sort, in particular financial success.  The best way to prove this is by experiencing it personally.  I have said that a person becomes wealthy by doing things in a successful way.  That same person must also think in a successful way. The way a person handles their finances or operates their business is a direct result of how they think and what their mental attitude is.  In order to become financially successful, you have to cultivate a mindset and way of thinking that is successful. This is the first step in becoming wealthy.  Everything starts with a thought.  


  So how do you think successful thoughts when you don’t see evidence of success around you?  Everyone has the innate ability to think whatever comes to mind.  It requires a lot more effort to intentionally think in a particular way especially when you have no current evidence to back it up.  To cultivate thoughts of financial success when you are experiencing financial success is easy.  Focusing your thoughts on wealth when your bank account is at an all-time low requires real effort.  


  There is probably no work that people procrastinate more at than to sit down and think in a concentrated way for a substantive amount of time.  It is the hardest work one will ever do, especially when things aren’t going so well.  Let me explain this in very practical terms.  Like him or not, former President and real estate titan Donald Trump, relays a story about a time in his career and company when things were not going so well.  In fact, they were terrible as “The Donald” faced the very real possibility of bankruptcy.  


   He was on the verge of losing everything. One morning he was in a meeting with his staff that was going over all aspects of the problems the company was facing. To say the atmosphere in the room was gloomy would have been a colossal understatement.  Then Donald did something brilliant.  He introduced the next great project that he was sure was going to be a “huge success”. As he spoke and introduced all the details of this next project the expressions on the faces of his staff began to change, their posture began to straighten, and a light came back into their eyes as they visualized the future in front of them. Their reality was that many of them had demand notes from banks and downward spiraling financial projections in their hands, but what they thought about and talked about as they filed out of that meeting room that day was the next “huge success”. 


  The ending to that story is that in the next few weeks’ workable solutions were found to “The Donald’s” organizations current financial woes and progress was started on the next project.  Successful solutions to current problems are easier to identify when you are looking forward towards success and not drowning in the emotions of fear and anxiety.  


   The truth is what we think about is what we create within our lives.  I have a friend that was terrified of cancer.  Everywhere she turned she saw something or someone that had cancer or something that would cause cancer. Her favorite topic of conversation was the rising cancer rate in our area.  Sure, enough as time went on she found she had a malignant tumor.  


  If all you are thinking about is how bad things are for you financially and you are focused on how in the world you are going to get through to the end of the month, the probability is that you won’t.  If on the other hand you create a budget to follow and then spend the rest of your time thinking of ways to increase your cash flow, chances are that things are going to start looking up for you, fairly quickly.  You will see opportunities to bring in new revenue streams because you were thinking of and were focused on achieving financial success.


   To intentionally think of and focus on personal wealth when all you hear about in the media is how bad the economy is with no hope in site of a meaningful recovery, requires a lot of internal power.  If you can acquire and develop this power, you can also change your fate and create a new destiny.  This internal power can be yours if you can grasp one bit of physics and that is that all things are created from one original starting point of intelligent creative pure energy.  Your thoughts are physically also pure energy and therefore resonate with the creative pure energy.  This is where the physics law of cause and effect comes into play.  Our thoughts cause the creative pure energy to move to create what it is we as individuals or as a whole instruct it to. Once you are able to grasp this information then you can use it to intentionally create success.  


   Once you understand this the fear and doubt will fade because you now realize that you are in control of your own fate.  You can have the life you want. You can be in the business you have dreamed of.  This information is not new.  This first mental step to becoming wealthy is a technique that has been modified and used by Olympic athletes to train for the gold medal.  NASA has used this same technique for decades in their astronaut training programs. Many of the finest business schools in the country teach it and the barons of the business world look for this ability in their new executives. It’s not new, but it is essential as the first step on your journey to financial success.


   I want to take a moment and recap what we have covered so far.

      • Begin where you are right now to change your life. You don’t need to wait for a better opportunity, a better time, or a better location.  Start now.
      • Choose a business that suits your passion and can succeed in your current location.
      • Look for emerging markets that have room for growth and expansion.
      • Listen to the news and what people are talking about.  Look for opportunities to serve in a crisis (e.g. oil spill, natural disaster, etc.).
      • Develop a success oriented mindset.  Look for ways and opportunities to cultivate success on a daily basis.


Create vs. Compete


   I find it interesting that the laws of physics and the rules of business are the same.  It seems that nature itself has given us a blueprint for financial success.  The force of life that we talked about in the last chapter which scientists refer to as the “Higgs Particle” is an intelligent living and creative substance.  As such, it contains an inherent drive to increase and create more life.  In fact, it is thought by scientists to be the very source of creation. Because this substance is the originator of all matter and life including you and me, by default we also seek out to increase and create more life.  Yes, that includes, but is certainly not limited to, procreation.  Let me give you an example.  Let’s go back to the forest that had been cleared of all its trees.  Even before the trees had been cut there was a system in place, a circle of life if you will, that was continuous and never ending.  A seed drops from the pinecone to the ground and in time becomes a seedling.  The seedling grows into a tree that produces its own pinecones and the cycle starts all over again.  Life by the act of living multiplies itself.  Life is continually becoming more life and must continue to do so or die.  In the business world, it’s put another way.  If you are not moving forward, then you are going backwards and if you stay there too long you will be out of business.  


   This applies to you personally as well.  Every thought you think propels another thought. Intelligence and consciousness are continually growing and expanding.  As you read this and learn a new fact prepares you to learn something else.  Your knowledge and abilities are continually increasing.  Every skill or talent you cultivate urges you towards another.  This continual motion of life drives us forward unceasingly to learn more, do more, and to become more than what we currently are.  To accomplish this, you must have the necessary material resources.  Becoming wealthy enables each of us to live more fully and to reach our highest potential.  Your desire for more wealth than you currently have is simply your capacity for more life seeking a way to be expressed.  Every desire, dream, and longing is the expression of an as yet, unfulfilled potential to become a reality.  It is your personal power seeking to manifest that causes these desires.  The force that causes your desire for greater wealth is the same natural force that causes the seedling to grow into the tree.  It is Life seeking fuller expression in you.


   Creative pure energy is permeated with the desire to live more and therefore, must follow the natural law of life.  That is also why it must by its very nature create substance and matter in an infinite and continual variety.  This same creative pure energy is within you and desires to continually express itself more fully through you.  This creative pure energy desires that you have all the material resources you need to accomplish the fulfillment of the most basic element, life.  It is in fact, the desire of the Divine that you should have all the wealth you need so that it can express itself more fully through you.  The more abundant your resources the more that life can be developed and expressed in you.  This universe desires that you have everything that you need and can use.  The very laws of nature support your desire for more wealth and a better life.  All the forces of the universe are on your side and once you realize this you can take action.   


   It is vital however, that your purposes and goals are in harmony with the laws that govern good business, benefit humanity, and are in accordance with the systems that order nature and the operations of the universe. This drive we have for more life is good and vital.  The drive for wealth just to accumulate stuff and fulfill hedonistic lusts is not.  That is not a fulfilling and satisfying life.  Neither is denying the normal and healthy fulfillment of our natural desires and drives. You don’t want to become wealthy just to fulfill your mental pleasures either.  I am a huge fan of education, but you need to look at your motivations.  Are you seeking knowledge so that you can outperform and outshine someone whom you view as a competitor? Or so that you will become famous and regarded as the singular authority in your field?  All of these are a normal part of life but should never be your singular motivation for intellectual pursuits.  The truth is you will never feel completely satisfied or fulfilled.  


   By the same reasoning, you do not want to become wealthy solely for philanthropic reasons only to become lost in the quest to save all humanity.  Without question, there is immense joy in the act of giving to others even if it means self-sacrifice.  However, these spiritual joys are only a part of a complete life and though valuable and wonderful, are no better or nobler than any other area of your life.  Having wealth allows you to eat, drink, and enjoy life, to include things of beauty in your surroundings, to travel, to educate your mind, and expand your point of view.  Having these capabilities allows you to appreciate your fellow man, to do kind things for others, and contribute something of value in the quest of humanity to grow and develop.  


   I would offer you this one bit of truth and that is this, that extreme self-sacrifice is no better than extreme selfishness.  Both are mistakes. I ask you to dispel the idea that there is a Divine deity that requires that you sacrifice all for others in order to find favor.  The Divine desires nothing of the kind.  What your Divine Source does want is for you to make the most of yourself so that you can more fully benefit others.  My grandmother used to tell me, “Your natural talents are God’s gift to you.  How you use them is your gift to God”.  The greatest gift you can give to the Divine is to reach your highest and fullest potential in all areas of your life and to be the best you that you can be for the benefit of yourself and all those around you.


   You can only accomplish this by becoming wealthy enough to acquire all the material resources necessary for your fullest development and growth. You see, not only is becoming financially successful a good thing, it is spiritually prudent that you give your very best effort to learning the steps to doing so.  One thing to remember, the Creative Pure Energy which is the source for the creation of all things from molecules and then into all matter, desires life and growth for all.  Any actions taken must be for the benefit of all other life. You cannot draw upon this intelligent creative life force to benefit yourself more than those around you because this creative life force is equally in everything and everyone, continually seeking opportunities to create more life.    


   This creative substance can be called upon to create things and opportunities for you, but it will not do so at the cost of someone else.  In business, we have been taught to beat the competition if we want to stay in business.  If you want to not only stay in business, but succeed in a tremendous way you must eliminate the very thought of competition from you mind and actively cultivate creativity.  Creating is the very foundation of all life.  It is the founding principle of the Universe and a law of physics. Why would you want to fight over something that already exists when you can create something new?  


   To become financially successful, you don’t need to drive a hard bargain or try to take away someone else’s customer base or store location.  You don’t need to cut ethical corners or get the upper hand with someone in order to be successful.  Finding ways to pay your employees less than what they actually earn is a bad idea as well.  You don’t need to look at someone else and wish you owned their property. There is nothing on this planet that someone else has that you can also have something similar without taking it from someone else.  There is enough material supply in the universe for everyone to become as wealthy and successful as they wish.


   You must create not compete and it must be done in such a way that when you achieve your goal and get what you want in such a way that your customers, those you work with, and those near your place of business will also have more than what they now have.  Let me give you an example of what I mean.  You have paid a certain price for this book.  As you read and study the information I have written here, you will learn how to become financially successful.  The information that I have gathered and written here could bring you millions of dollars.  I have created this book without competing or taking from others and through the knowledge contained here I have “caused” the opportunity for the “effect” of increase for everyone who reads it and takes appropriate actions.  The point is to create a business, a service, or a product that is of greater use value to the buyer than the monetary price they have paid to you and share it with as many people as you possibly can.   Your focus and purposeful intent must be to increase and better others.  


   Though this sounds like a very spiritual principle, and so it is. There is also a very practical business reason to it as well.  You see, when you the customer visit a shop or business and leave after purchasing a product or service that solves your need, increases your comfort, or could change your life for the better even in a small way, the chances are very good that you will be back again, and you will tell your friends about your positive experience. If you are the business owner this is wonderful because you have just accomplished two essentials for growing and staying in business. You are building your customer base and securing customer retention. The additional bonus is there is no better advertising or P.R. than a happy customer or client.


   Wealth obtained through competitive tactics will never leave you satisfied and usually will go as quickly as it came.  What you have obtained today will be obtained by someone else tomorrow.  It’s the old “what goes around comes around” theory in action.  Simplify your life and your path to success by remembering this one thing, if you want to gain permanent wealth it must be done through creativity and not competitiveness.  Remember that the creative life force that is the source of all matter is infinite and therefore so is the material supply.  The moment you allow yourself to fall into a competitive way of thinking your imaginative power to create is compromised.  What is even more frustrating is that when you are in a competitive frame of mind whatever creative forces and momentum you have already set in motion will usually come to a grinding halt.


   As America was coming out of “The Great Recession” gold prices were at all-time highs and predicted to rise higher. This price is based on supply and demand. The truth is that there is yet millions if not billions of dollars’ worth of gold still to be mined from the earth and even now more is being created.  We will not run out. The Creative Pure Energy is even at this moment, continuing to assemble molecules to form the matter we call gold and will continue to do so to infinity.  All the wealth you need will come to you even if it means the discovery of hundreds of new gold mines.  The supply of wealth is un-ending and abundant.


   I would strongly encourage you not to spend your time looking at what you see around you as your source of wealth.  You will be vastly disappointed.  Instead, focus on the source of all supply, the Creative Pure Energy.  Remember actor Kevin Costner following “the chain of demand” in the BP oil spill?  Instead of looking to the local fishermen to buy his machine he went to the source where the money was, the oil companies.  If you want to change your life and lifestyle by bringing in Permanent Financial Abundance (PFA) you need to look to the source of all substance including wealth and that is the Creative Pure Energy the source of all life and growth, including your bank account.


   Even if you are a small business owner and you feel that you are struggling to stay alive because someone else is cornering the market, please relax.  Just start applying what I am teaching you and watch your business turn around. Nobody can truly corner the market on anything. There are currently over seven billion people in the world, and no one is capable of serving them all.  There are enough opportunities for wealth and growth for everyone with plenty left over to assure continued growth into infinity.


  One last thing I would like to leave you with in this chapter and that is this, never take an action or make a decision out of haste or desperate need.  It will nearly always come out wrong.  Don’t let yourself be coerced into thinking that all the best places for your business will be taken if you don’t act quickly, someone else will snatch up your deal if you wait too long, or you have to make this financial decision now because things are critical, and you currently see no other way out.  Neither should you worry if you are a small business owner and you are concerned about “the big box stores” taking all your business.  


   The truth is that it cannot happen if you are not focused on trying to acquire what has already been obtained by someone else.  Instead look to create your own wealth and success by focusing your goals and energy on the infinite source of all supply, the Creative Pure Energy.  Follow the laws and principles of nature and good business that I have shared with you so far.  Think and focus your thoughts on creating new streams of wealth and success that are your own not on competing for what already exists.      


   There is enough for everyone and whatever it may be that you feel you need at this moment, can be created just for you by the intelligent substance that is the creative force of all life and growth.  This intelligent substance is activated on your behalf by your own concentrated and focused thoughts. By intentionally fixing your thoughts on this substance you can literally cause the things you desire to be created on your behalf so that you may use them to create the wealth and success you desire.


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